I have no idea who started this silly rumor, but Coldplay is not coming to Lebanon this summer and no matter how hard the ministry of tourism is presumably working to make it happen, you can’t book Coldplay over night for the coming summer. A simple look at their 2024 calendar will show you they have sold out concerts all year long.

I first saw this rumor circulate on LiveLoveBeirut’s page then on NewInBeirut instagram page. LiveLoveBeirut took down the post and posted an update claiming the event was cancelled this year due to the situation in Gaza. What event exactly? Coldplay was keeping things till the last minute to surprise their Lebanese fans? Give me a break please 😂😂

We’re thrilled to share that talks are underway to host Coldplay in Lebanon !
🔺The Ministry of Tourism is working diligently to make this happen, though the date is still to be confirmed.
🔸Stay tuned to our stories and posts for all the latest updates and details as they become available.
☝️Remember, nothing is confirmed yet, but let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best!

There’s no reason for Coldplay not to perform in Beirut one day and I really hope they do. Until then, let’s cut the silly rumors.