The rate of carcinogenic pollutants in Lebanon’s atmosphere has doubled since 2017 according to an AUB study and cancer rates have witnessed an increase of up to 30% since 2016. While there are several factors that might lead to an increase in cancer rates, the ever-growing need for power generators and the misplacement and mismanagement of these generators have played a significant role in making things worse.

In Beirut alone, there are close to 8000 generators spread between houses and buildings, and most of these generators inside and outside Beirut are up and running sometimes close to 18 hours a day if not more, making them the primary source of electricity for the majority of Lebanese.

A UNDP report raised this matter 3 years ago and L’Orient Le Jour shared some alarming findings in a more recent article. Unfortunately, there’s no solution in sight as the country is paralyzed politically and financially broke.