Al-Akhbar reported today that the government has promised to provide financial assistance to families of martyrs and damaged houses in South Lebanon due to the ongoing Israeli aggression. The article mentions the government will pay up to $20k for every martyr’s family and $40k for every damaged house, and will also help partially damaged businesses and houses.

I don’t know how serious these promises are but they’re outrageous to say the least. How can a paralyzed and broken government compensate for damaged houses in millions of dollars when they can’t even pay back depositors who lost their long-life savings? Where will the government get the money to pay up these families? From the central bank’s drained reservers? or from our tax money?

It’s quite unthinkable that a failed state has money to pay increases in public sector and to compensate for a war an Iranian-affiliated party started on its own, yet they haven’t done sh*t to compensate for the victims of the port explosion among other things. The only party responsible for compensating for South villages is Hezbollah, and the government should encourage him to use his money-laundering scheme Al-Qard Al-Hasan to pay up.

What a joke.