A nun was apparently ousted from her teaching role after a controversial speech she gave to students emerged online. In her speech, nun Maya Ziadeh asked her students to pray for families and young men in the South for what they’re going through now, which is commendable of course, but she went on to label as traitors all those who do not so or do not agree with what Hezbollah and its militants are doing in the South, without naming them.

We should never wish harm on other Lebanese or side with any foreign power over our own, but that doesn’t mean we should agree with each other’s political choices or else be labeled as traitors. No one in his right mind should support a military group ruling the country, imposing its decisions on us all and taking us on deadly adventures without bearing any of the consequences. We’re all standing in solidarity with families and children in the South which are victims of the Israeli aggression but that doesn’t mean we should endorse the parties fighting as well.

Teachers and especially those in religious institutions should be teaching their students about tolerance and respect, and acceptance. More importantly, they shouldn’t mix between their spiritual role and their political aspirations. Any one who does so, not just Sister Maya Ziadeh, should not be a teacher in the first place.