Beirut Municipality Removing Violations on Ramlet el Bayda Beach

It's hard to mention violations on Ramlet el Bayda's beach without the Eden Bay coming to mind, but it's no longer a priority apparently or maybe they're legit now . Remember the sewage floods too last winter? Also forgotten. What seems to be a priority to the Beirut Municipality is removing a bunch of illegal bamboo beach bars and benches, set up on a beach infested by sewage waters and garbage, and surrounded by violating…

A Trip Down memory lane: Zaatar W Zeit is Turning 20!

It's hard to believe but Zaatar W Zeit is turning 20 this year! When I got the invite to their 20th anniversary, I started going through my ZWZ blogposts and pictures on Facebook and remembering the crazy, funny and irreplaceable memories I've had at each of their branches. Sodeco Branch was the first ZWZ branch to open in 1999, and I've only been there after parties. I recall how tiny that place was, how squeezed…

Celebrating a New Year Far Away from Home

10 months ago
This year, we chose to celebrate Christmas and welcome the new year 2019 in Montreal far away from home. However we didn’t fly here just for fun but because my wife & I decided to ...

Celebrating 9,000 Blog Posts Today

1 year ago
I was looking at my dashboard today and realized I had crossed the 9,000 posts mark, which means that I’ve been average around 3 blog posts daily for the past 8 years or so!! I ...

I’m a Proud Uncle for the Second Time!

2 years ago
My brother’s wife gave birth to a healthy baby girl called Zoe on July 5th, which makes me a proud uncle for the second time. Unfortunately, they live in Portland so I will not get ...

1 Year Already …

2 years ago
I honestly didn’t know what to write on this date or whether I wanted to write at all. I ended up preparing a small photo album, going through hundreds of old pictures of dad during ...

Spending Our First Christmas Without a Loved One

2 years ago
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, a joyous time meant for parties and celebrations with friends and family but this year was the worst Christmas of my life, the first Christmas without ...

#FitB4Christmas: Week 2 Recap

2 years ago
I was less active during Week 2 and only averaged 10,077 steps on a daily basis but I’ve been skipping dinners when I wasn’t able to exercise and I found a small mini cycle that ...

6 Months Already

3 years ago
When the clock struck 4 am on Tuesday the 22nd of November, it will have been six months since we parted ways. Half a year felt like twenty and I know this applied to the ...

How Can a Parent Throw His/Her Newborn Baby in The Trash?

3 years ago
Yesterday I was reading about a baby that was found in the trash in Egypt and then a friend shared with me an article about a newborn baby girl found near Abou Arab in Choueifat. ...