It’s hard to believe (I feel really old) but Zaatar W Zeit is turning 20 this year! When I got the invite to their 20th anniversary, I started going through my ZWZ blogposts and pictures on Facebook and remembering the crazy, funny and irreplaceable memories I’ve had at each of their branches.

Sodeco Branch was the first ZWZ branch to open in 1999, and I’ve only been there after parties. I recall how tiny that place was, how squeezed the tables and chairs were and even the small stairs that gets you to the toilet. One time, one of my closest friends and a bball player had to kneel to get up the stairs and couldn’t stand in the toilets (I can’t tell what happened next) 😂

During my AUB years, the ZWZ Hamra branch was the perfect breakfast place when we didn’t have morning classes. As for the famous ZWZ Jal el Dib branch, I don’t know where to start there. I wish there was a way to log my visits because I’m pretty sure 90% of them were between 2 and 5 am and 90% of my orders consisted of Halloum w Bacon, Jebneh wou Jambon with mushroom and Lahm Baajine. There are several memories I’m not so proud of there, like once where they got me the wrong order so I just left and went home (Blame the Absinth shots 😜).

Zaatar W Zeit Kaslik branch was more my chill spot on Saturdays and Sundays. I started frequenting that branch more when I started blogging (they still had the wooden benches). A couple of years later, they revamped the whole place twice and relocated in recent years ago to a much bigger and nicer spot right next to the old one. If I had to choose my favorite ZWZ branch, it would be this one.

One of the first blog posts and giveaways on the blog were with ZWZ, one of the very few social media campaigns I engaged in was the ZLOYALTYCHALLENGE which I almost won, one of the best re-branding campaigns we’ve witnessed was the missing Z campaign despite all the criticism it got ( I still have that Z somewhere), and the first time ZWZ or anyone for that sake ever delivered a Man2oushe to someone in traffic was with me. Come to think of it, when it comes to customer service in branches and on social media channels, the likes of Zaatar W Zeit are still way ahead of the competition in the F&B sector.

Very few Lebanese brands were able to achieve what Zaatar W Zeit did, and its most recent World Man2oushe day celebration is helping portray a positive image of Lebanese food not just in Lebanon but also worldwide. After all, nothing will ever replace the authentic Man2oushe you buy from the local oven and Zaatar W Zeit is definitely not trying to compete with these but instead helping praise them.

I can go on and on, but I think I’ve said enough. Here’s to another 20 years of awesome food, exceptional quality, unparalleld customer service and beautiful memories.