Tokyo Restaurant – Beirut

I love discovering or reading about old gems in Beirut and I'm surprised I had never heard about Tokyo restaurant until today. In fact, I passed right next to it countless times but for some reason never spotted the sign. Tokyo restaurant was apparently one of Beirut's most popular Japanese restaurants in the 1990s, and if we were to believe some comments, Walid Jumblatt's favorite spot. Source: According to The Beirut Banyan, Tokyo was…

A 1930 Railroad Map of Lebanon

Urban Planner & L'Orient LeJour Feature Reporter Mohamed el Chamaa shared this amazing historic map of rail links in Lebanon . As you can see, the rails covered all of Lebanon and included a direct line to Damascus through Rayak. The last trip from Beirut to the Syrian border was back in 1976, according to Assaad Namrud, who drove the train on that line. Unfortunately, the Lebanese authorities still have no plans to invest in…

Old Pictures of Beirut From The National Library of France Archives

11 months ago
I stumbled upon today an aerial shot of Beirut’s port taken in 1929 by François Pierre-Alype, found on the National Library of France website. I dug out the website, searched for all the Beirut-related pictures ...

Proclamation of the State of Greater Lebanon: Full Text

2 years ago
September 1 marks 100 years since the proclamation of the state of Greater Lebanon. Back in 1920, General Gouraud sat next to Maronite Patriarch Elias Peter Howayek at the porch of the Pine Residence in ...

Old Footage Shows The Beatles Arriving in Beirut

2 years ago
The Beatles never performed in Beirut but they did make a refueling stop at Beirut’s airport back in 1964 on their way to Hong Kong. The trip included several refueling stops and lasted over 24 ...

12 Colorized Old Pictures of #Lebanon

2 years ago
LiveLoveBeirut shared today 25+ stunning old photos of Lebanon for the first time. The pictures are colorized, and include areas like Bcharre, Beirut, Nahr el Kalb, Baalbeck and others. I selected my favorite 12 shots, ...
Old Lebanon

Ten Haunting Pictures from Lebanon’s Civil War

3 years ago
I stumbled upon a couple of pictures of the civil war taken by French Photographer Raymond Depardon, and looked up online to see if there are any galleries related to Beirut. There were two; one ...
Old Lebanon

Liza Srour, The Last Remaining Jew in Beirut

3 years ago
Vice recently published an interview with Liza Srour, the last Jew residing in Wadi Bou Jmil in Beirut. I’ve read several articles on this woman and how Beirut’s Jewish quarter evolve from a thriving 100,000-person ...

Street Bike Stunts – Beirut 1979

3 years ago
If you’ve ever wondered about the origins of the modern “Zouzou Ebba”, check out this 1979 video shot in Beirut with bikers pulling some crazy stunts. Zero security measures, zero safety and the bikers are ...
Old Lebanon

Silver Banknote 100 LBP Selling for LL800,000

4 years ago
I was browsing through Libanpost’s website when I came across a Silver 100 Lira Banknote selling for 800,000 LBP, almost 550$. The banknote dates back to 1945 and is different from the more recent 100 ...