I stumbled upon today an aerial shot of Beirut’s port taken in 1929 by François Pierre-Alype, found on the National Library of France website. I dug out the website, searched for all the Beirut-related pictures on it and there are 94 of them dating from the 1800s and 1930s.

The quality of these old pictures is quite amazing. Check them out!

Consulat de France à Beyrouth : Vignes, Louis (1831-1896).
Bords de la rivière du chien (environs de Beyrouth) Vignes, Louis (1831-1896)
Beyrouth, place des Canons. Vignes, Louis (1831-1896)
Quarantaine (Beyrouth). Vignes, Louis (1831-1896)
Photo du port de Beyrouth prise à 3,000 mètres d’altitude par François Pierre-Alype en 1929.
Bibliothèque nationale de France