Drone Footage of The Mokhtara palace

The Mokhtara Palace is one of the most prestigious and well preserved palaces in Lebanon. The 17th century mansion, which was destroyed in 1825 during struggles between the Druze sheikhs and Emir Bachir Shihab II, was rebuilt in the 19th century by Florentine artists. The palace houses a remarkable collection of oriental crafts, books, weapons, the Kamal Joumblatt Museum, works of art and mosaics and weapons and insignia from the Second World War. Check out…

Rare Shots From Inside the Jeita Grotto

Photographer Florian Kriechbaumer shared on his instagram yesterday rare shots from inside the Jeita Grotto. Tourists are forbidden from taking pictures inside the grotto but Kriechbaumer was exceptionally allowed to snap few shots hours after the cave was closed to the public. I shared a couple and you can check out the rest . Here's another rare footage shot inside the Jeita Grotto by the Lebanese Wanderers. https://theflore.com FLORIAN KRIECHBAUMER

Lebanese Photographer Akl Yazbeck Wins 2021 Dakar Rally Émilie-Poucan Award

3 months ago
Sports Photographer Akl Yazbeck has won the 11th edition of the Émilie-Poucan Award at the 2021 Dakar Rally that was held in Saudi Arabia. The jury this year exceptionally chose two photos for the award, ...

No Ramadan Vibes in Tripoli This Year

11 months ago
#RamadanLens is a yearly online photography exhibit for the holy month, aiming to display a Ramadan-themed picture on a daily basis throughout the month with a short backstory. Our friend and Tripoli-based photographer Natheer Halawani ...

Astrophotography in Lebanon During Lock-down

1 year ago
Indoor hobbies have boomed during lockdown, and Deep Sky Astrophotography was no exception. One would think this personal hobby is an outdoor activity by excellence (I used to be one of those), but imaging the ...

12 Colorized Old Pictures of #Lebanon

1 year ago
LiveLoveBeirut shared today 25+ stunning old photos of Lebanon for the first time. The pictures are colorized, and include areas like Bcharre, Beirut, Nahr el Kalb, Baalbeck and others. I selected my favorite 12 shots, ...

Best 2019 Lebanon Pictures by Kameel Rayess

1 year ago
Check out these stunning aerial shots of Lebanon by the lens of Kameel Rayess. I added 10 pictures and you can check out the rest [here]. ...

Lebanese Zeinab Khalifeh Wins Prestigious National Geographic Abu Dhabi Award

1 year ago
Zeinab Khalife’s picture of a tailor and his sewing machine in Sidon has won her the Arab world’s prestigious annual photography competition, “Moments”, which is organized by National Geographic Abu Dhabi. The competition attracted over ...

In Pictures: Lebanon ‘Whatsapp’ Protests

1 year ago
Lebanon witnessed a second day of protests today with over a million people taking the streets and asking the government, the President and the whole ruling political class to step down. Here are some of ...
Old Lebanon

Ten Haunting Pictures from Lebanon’s Civil War

1 year ago
I stumbled upon a couple of pictures of the civil war taken by French Photographer Raymond Depardon, and looked up online to see if there are any galleries related to Beirut. There were two; one ...