Aamiq Village – Through the Lens of Ali Badawi

Aammiq Village is one of my favorite villages in Lebanon. Located in the West Bekaa between two mountain trails, it is famous for its beautiful nature and its Wetland surface which stretches for 280 hectares. Aammiq is considered as the last and largest remaining significant wetland in Lebanon, a remnant of much more extensive marshes and lakes that once existed in the Beqa’a Valley and the Village's Swamp lies on one of the most important…

Awesome Shots from The Egg – Beirut

The Egg was built in 1966 by Lebanese architect Joseph Philip Karam. It was one part of a modernist set of buildings, a sort of multi-user complex including an egg-spaced shell and two high towers with spaces for leisure and offices. The egg-shaped cinema was designed to hold 1,000 seats and is 24 meters wide and 11 meters high. Only one tower was finished but it was destroyed during the Civil War and the Egg…

Awesome Shots of #Qaraoun Lake at Full Capacity

3 months ago
Here are some cool shot taken by Rami Rizk of the Qaraoun Lake at its full capacity today. The excess water is expected to flow towards the Litani River. Sadly enough, and even though the ...

Angry Sea – Through the Lens of Nabil Ismail

5 months ago
We’ve had two storms so far and the pictures that are coming out, aside form the flooded roads, are quite amazing. I compiled few pictures of the angry sea as captured by Nabil Ismail. I ...

Thunders From the Recent #Norma Storm Captured by Charbel Bouez

5 months ago
Check out these amazing thunder shots taken by Charbel Bouez during the past few days. Check out more pictures [here]. ...

2018 in Pictures: Lebanon Through the Eyes of Rami Rizk

5 months ago
Rami Rizk has been sharing some stunning aerial shots from all over Lebanon for a year now and I’ve been wanting to highlight his work for quite some time. He shared yesterday an album on ...

Soha Ghandour’s Tyre Photo Among iPhone Photography Awards 2018 Winners

11 months ago
The iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS), a world wide competition aimed at recognizing photographers for their iPhone skills since 2008, revealed the 2018 list of winning photographers and photographs which included Lebanese Soha Ghandour. Soha is ...

Lebanon’s “Service” Drivers Through the Lens of Ghaleb Cababe

1 year ago
I love Ghaleb’s work and the latest is a series of portraits of taxi drivers in Lebanon. The right term here is “Service” not taxi, which is still quite popular in Lebanon and consists of ...

The Story Behind This Iconic Lebanese Civil War Picture Shot 33 years Ago

1 year ago
With April 13, the remembrance day of Lebanon’s war, approaching, I found this intriguing article posted by the Guardian on a Lebanese Photographer called Maher Attar who got reunited with the one-legged mother that he ...

Moophz’s Complete Galactic Plane Featured as NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day

1 year ago
Lebanese Astrophotographer Moophz has been producing some awesome shots over the years, yet his latest attempt at achieving a complete perspective of the galactic plane observed throughout all year long has earned him a special ...