First Aerial Pictures of the Jal el Dib Bridge

The Lebanese Contractor Magazine shared earlier today few aerial pictures of the new Jal el Dib bridge. The first part is almost complete while the second is on its way. Whether they will ease traffic once done or not remains to be seen. For me, I was in favor of a bridge but the works made traffic ten times worse than before and they were working in slow-motion the first couple of months.

What’s Really Happening to Lycee Abdul Kader?

Destroying heritage buildings and houses, green spaces, public beaches has become an unfortunate trend in past years in Beirut, and the latest victim might me the old Lycee Abdul Kader building. I don't know how the rumors started or who started them, but I remember hearing about selling this old building to Walid Ben Talal and turning it into a mall four years ago, yet nothing happened. The sole owner of this property, as well…

Lebanese Aline Asmar d’Amman to Redesign Tour Eiffel’s Iconic “Le Jules Verne”

2 months ago
Beirut-born architect and founder of Culture in Architecture Aline Asmar d’Amman was recently tasked with redesigning one of Paris’ most iconic restaurants, Le Jules Verne, which is situated on level two of the iconic Eiffel ...

Oscar Niemeyer’s Maarad in Tripoli Falling Apart?

3 months ago
Brazilian Oskar Nieymer designed the 10,000-hectare site, intended as an international fairground, back in 1962 but constructions were halted in 1975 and never resumed. In 2006, the site was “added to the World Monuments Fund ...

Adding Some Life to Burj el Murr

6 months ago
Burj el Murr, dubbed the tower of bitterness, is a haunting reminder of the Lebanese Civil War that ravaged Lebanon for over 15 years. The building was built in the 1970s and served as a ...

New BIEL Excavations Sneak Peek

9 months ago
After we got some early info of the plans and renders of the new, bigger BIEL set to open in the Tahwita region earlier this month on Gino’s Blog, I managed to get my hands ...
Architecture Helping Engineers and Architects Do Freelance

11 months ago
I came across Handiss the other day, and I must say I loved what this Lebanese startup is doing. Basically, Handiss is a web platform that connects engineers and architects to companies or individuals that ...

Waterfront City: A Self-Sustaining City Coming to Life

1 year ago
My daily commute includes driving by the series of complete or nearly-complete buildings next to the Marina in Dbayeh. Like most, I just thought it’s another residential complex. Recently though, I got a tour around ...

Video Showing the Middle East’s Oldest Brewery Getting Demolished

1 year ago
The Laziza brewery (“Laziza Grande Brasserie du Levant”), which was established in the early 1930s and closed in 2003 got demolished a couple of days ago to make way for a new project called “Mar ...

Villa Les Cèdres is the World’s Most Expensive House

1 year ago
Villa Les Cèdres, a luxurious mansion in Southern France is up for sale for $410 million dollars, making it the world’s most expensive residential home. The 187 year old mansion built in the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat near ...