The former intersection of Armenian & Pasteur streets will be transformed soon into a public space project named Mar Mikhael Piazza. Beirut Urban Lab, an AUB-based interdisciplinary research center is behind the project which was first envisioned by the late Habib Debs. Works kicked in 2021 but got delayed by infrastructure works, but construction resumed in 2023 and the project is expected to be completed by July 2023.

The Mar Mikhael Piazza aims to make the city more accessible to pedestrians and will feature street lights including solar powered lights, benches and greenery as well as an upgraded drainage system to avoid floods. Funding for the project came in the form of donations from Architects for Beirut after the blast, the Fondation de France, UN-Habitat and the Italian Corporation in Beirut (AICS).

You can check out further details about it [here].