‘Raseef’: An Initiative to Transform Bliss Street

The AUB Neighborhood Initiative, in collaboration with PROCOL Lebanon and the Municipality of Beirut, launched the 'Raseef' initiative aimed at transforming parking spots on Bliss street to public spaces. The aim is to replace car parking spots with "inviting seating areas, planters, and a backgammon table", and by doing so "foster community engagement and beautify the cityscape". AUB shared few visuals of this initiative and while the seating areas look really nice, I am not…

Beirut Blast Survey Reveals 25% of Residents Did Not Return

A survey by Beirut Urban Lab exploring the aspects of life in Beirut ruptured by the blast in 2020, has shown that the occupancy rate stood at 54% for eight sub-neighborhood residential clusters located in neighborhoods of the city that were severely affected by the Port explosion. In addition to that, a quarter of the residents did not return after the blast, while half the residents who received NGO assistance mentioned they were dissatisfied with…

The Mar Mikhael Piazza Project

1 year ago
The former intersection of Armenian & Pasteur streets will be transformed soon into a public space project named Mar Mikhael Piazza. Beirut Urban Lab, an AUB-based interdisciplinary research center is behind the project which was ...

Librairie Antoine Beirut Souks is Temporarily Closed

1 year ago
The iconic “Librarie Antoine” book store at the Beirut Souks has officially shut down today after a farewell ceremony in honor of the victims of the August 4 Port explosion. The ceremony was led by ...

WASIL: A New Bicycle Courier Business in Tripoli

2 years ago
WASIL is a newly launched bicycle courier business in Tripoli, targeting businesses primarily and delivering packages up to 1kg. The aim is to offer an eco-friendly and sustainable service at times where gas prices are ...

Interior Minister Raya El Hassan to Make “Special” Car Plates Public for sale

4 years ago
In a tweet unleashed today on her official account, Minister of Interior and Municipalities Raya El Hassan, who has been making positive headlines ever since she took the position, by removing blocs from the front ...

2019 Mercer Report: Beirut 53rd Most Expensive City WorldWide, Fourth Among Arab Countries

4 years ago
Mercer’s 2019 Cost of Living Survey ranked Beirut as the 53rd most expensive city in the world, and fourth among Arab cities after Dubai (#21), Abu Dhabi (#33) and Riyadh (#35). “Mercer’s widely recognized survey ...

Souk el Ahad (Beirut’s Flea Market) No More?

4 years ago
Every city has flea markets and Souk el Ahad was Beirut’s most popular flea market, but not for long. There’s been talks for months now about shutting down and relocating Souk el Ahad and they’ve ...

Beirut has a Surplus of Road Signs

4 years ago
These pictures were shared by MP Paula Yacoubian and Karen Nassar. Similar road signs being placed right next to each other, while others that don’t make any sense being put randomly left and right. Let’s ...

Sunexpress airlines to link Beirut to 3 German cities starting this June

5 years ago
A joint venture of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, Sunexpress, a company based between Germany and Turkey, has taken over where broken Germania left off in February, compensating for the loss of direct flights made by ...