Toni Breidinger is NASCAR’s first Arab-American Driver

Toni Breidinger, an American of Lebanese descent, is the first-ever Arab-American female driver to take part in a NASCAR national series, after racing in the 2021 ARCA season-opener at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona, Florida. The 21-year old has been racing since she was only 9-years-old, when she and her twin sister would race go-karts. Breidinger is part of NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program, an initiative that creates more inclusive racing teams. The program has…

Lebanese Photographer Akl Yazbeck Wins 2021 Dakar Rally Émilie-Poucan Award

Sports Photographer Akl Yazbeck has won the 11th edition of the Émilie-Poucan Award at the 2021 Dakar Rally that was held in Saudi Arabia. The jury this year exceptionally chose two photos for the award, one for Akl and the other for Charly Lopez shown below. 31 photographers took part in the contest. Emilie Poucan was a press attaché on the Dakar until 2010, when she was a victim of a plane crash on the…

EV-ELECTRA RISE: First 100% Lebanese Car To Launch in February

1 month ago
In the midst of all the issues and obstacles Lebanon has faced, EV-ELECTRA, a Lebanese manufacturing company has announced the launching of the first 100% Lebanese made electric vehicle. Company owner, Jihad Mohamad, announced its ...

Why is Lebanon Spending 16 Billion LBP on Railways in 2020?

2 months ago
Lebanon’s German Embassy shared a post on its Facebook page highlight an excerpt of the 2020 budget law where 16 billion Lebanese Pounds are allocated to railways. As it appears, the ambassador is a huge ...

When Did The First Car Enter Lebanon?

3 months ago
Old Beirut shared a picture yesterday of the first car to enter in Lebanon, as per their claim. The car, which was brought to Lebanon in 1906 was owned by AUB President Dr. Howard Bliss ...

Formulawand: Lebanese Homemade F1-Like Car

4 months ago
Khalil Lawand and his son Ibrahim Lawand built from scratch what should be an F1-lookalike car using the same dimensions as an F1 car, a BMW 528i engine, and even including a DRS system, “a ...

Beirut’s Traffic Lights Stopped Working, Accidents Up by 120% in June (vs. April)

7 months ago
Traffic lights have stopped working in Beirut as there’s no money to renew for the company in charge of up-keeping them. As a result, we’re witnessing a spike in car accidents, as “figures shared by ...

Meet The Ghiath Beast Patrol By W Motors

1 year ago
The most recent addition to Dubai’s police force is a mega-4×4 beast called the Ghiath, courtesy of the Dubai-based Lebanese supercar maker W Motors. Dubbed as one of the most advanced police vehicles in the ...

Mar Mikhael’s Old Railway Bridge Was Damaged Since 2016

1 year ago
The Mar Mikhail railway bridge collapsed after a fully loaded trailer crashed into it. This was not the first accident of its kind despite a sign on the bridge clearing stating the allowed height for ...

Greater Beirut Public Transport Project

1 year ago
Over the past few years, congestion in and out of Beirut has been a major issue. Over 600,000 vehicles access Beirut from the North, South and East regions. Some solutions have included public transport but ...