While we’re still waiting Electra to come up with their first electric car after their launch party in 2021, Lebanese engineer Hisham Hosami has officially launched Lira: a solar-powered Lebanese-made electric car.

The launch ceremony took place on July 8th in front of the Ministry of Economy building in Lazariya in the presence of Economy Minister Amin Salam. The “Lira” can accommodate 5 people, has a GPS device, front & back camera and a touch-screen Android device. You can drive up to 200 km on a full charge and Lira is expected to sell between 5k and 15k based on what I read.

Visually speaking, the car is hideous but if it turns out to be affordable and reliable, then I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work, except the need to charge frequently and the lack of public charging stations as well as the lack of electricity all together of course.

I couldn’t find any official website for LIRA to read more about its technical and safety specs, and it’s not clear when it will go into production and if it will eventually be manufactured.