A group of businessmen officially launched today the first public transportation in Tripoli. Dubbed “Tripoline“, the project is a non-profit one that is meant to connect the city to surrounding areas, with the first line being the Tripoli-Koura one.

More about the Tripoli-Koura line:

There will be 13 stops between Tripoli and Koura, with the earliest departure from Tripoli scheduled at 7:45AM and the latest arrival to the final stop at 6:30PM. The cost will only be LL7,000 per passenger.

You can find below the detailed scheduled and the bus map:

We’ve already seen a similar project in Byblos and with elections few months away, we should expect similar initiatives all over Lebanon. Needless to say, what is needed is a national comprehensive vision and plan for the transportation sector instead of small private initiatives, but this is wishful thinking in a country ruled by incompetent pricks.