Shop Local These Holidays

Holidays are around the corner, our economy is hanging by a thread, the majority of businesses are struggling big time and need our support to survive. For that sake, consider shopping local this month and supporting small businesses. If you're wondering where to buy from, Lana Chukri has compiled an awesome list of local businesses and craftsmen. I'm sharing the lists here for the blog's readers: PS: It goes without saying that the list is…

Yolande Labaki is Making Dolls For Children Impacted by the Beirut Port Blast

The 4th of August explosion resulted in over 200 deaths, 6,500 injuries and left an estimated 300,000 people homeless. Almost four months later, a lot of people are still unable to get back home and many can't afford to repair their shattered houses. A lot of people and dedicated NGOs are helping, and we've seen beautiful initiatives come out of this catastrophe. One of them is by Yolande Labaki, a grandma and an artist, who…

Meet the Lebanese-Armenian Entrepreneur Leading The Fight Against COVID-19

2 weeks ago
The race to find a COVID-19 vaccine started months ago, and while Pfizer was the first to announce a vaccine candidate, it is Moderna that has the upper hand with a 94.5% effective vaccine against ...

Lebanese Waddah Malaeb Wins Season 12 of “Stars of Science”

3 weeks ago
Waddah Malaeb, a Lebanese engineer, was crowned “Stars of Science” Season 12 winner. The show is the leading innovation show in the Arab World, and aims at empowering Arab innovators to develop technological solutions for ...

Meet the Lebanese Animator Working On Your Favorite Walt Disney Movies

1 month ago
If you’ve ever wondered, like myself, who are the brilliant minds behind Walt Disney and Pixar’s animated movies, you’d be happily surprised to know one of them is a Lebanese animator and a former schoolmate. ...

Formulawand: Lebanese Homemade F1-Like Car

1 month ago
Khalil Lawand and his son Ibrahim Lawand built from scratch what should be an F1-lookalike car using the same dimensions as an F1 car, a BMW 528i engine, and even including a DRS system, “a ...

All The Newly Added Lebanese Movies to Netflix

1 month ago
Thirty four Lebanese films, including award-nominated titles like ‘The Little Wars’  (حروب صغيرة) by Maroun Baghdadi, ‘Where do we go now’ (وهلا لوين) by Nadine Labaki, Under the Bombs (تحت القصف) by Philippe Aractingi, The ...

Lebanese-Canadian Dr. Mona Nemer Re-Appointed as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor

1 month ago
On October 1st, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Dr. Mona Nemer’s reappointment as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor. Dr Nemer assumed this role back in 2017 and will continue following her re-appointment “to promote science ...

Lance Armstrong Leads “Bike for Beirut” To Raise Money For Beirut Explosion Victims

1 month ago
One of the most popular and most controversial sports figures in the biking world Lance Armstrong took part in the “Bike for Beirut” event today along with tens of other cyclists to raise awareness and ...

Hanna Mitri Just Re-Opened at a New Location

2 months ago
The famous ice cream shop in Achrafieh has officially re-opened at a new (temporary) location in Achrafieh after the original shop was severely damaged by the Beirut Blast. The new location is beneath Saydé Church, ...