Vandalized Lebanese Army Monument On Qornet el Sawda Cleaned

A group of young men from Zahle and Bcharreh climbed up to the Qornet el Sawda and rehabilitated the monument that was installed by PolyLiban few years back to commemorate the martyrs of the Lebanese Army. A picture circulated online a couple of weeks ago showing the monument vandalized by visitors. Poly Liban is organizing a polyathlon from Byblos to Qornet el Sawda next weekend for those interested.

Beirut Maronite Archbishop Set to Help Poor Families Enroll in Schools

New Beirut Maronite Archbishop Boulos AbdelSater, who replaced Boulos Matar back in June, is taking several measures to try help needy families and members of his church. First rumors spread that he sold some of the expensive cars owned by the Archdiocese of Beirut, and then an official statement was released where Beirut's Maronite archbishop had requested from schools to exempt poor students from tuition fees. The Church can play a key role in helping…

UN General Assembly Adopts Lebanon’s Academy for Human Encounters and Dialogue

3 days ago
The United Nations General Assembly voted on Monday in favor of a resolution endorsing Lebanese President Michel Aoun’s initiative to establish the Academy for Human Encounters and Dialogue in Lebanon. Aoun had submitted the proposal ...

Michael Haddad Appointed as UNDP Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Climate Action

4 days ago
The United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) has announced two days ago that Lebanese endurance athlete Michael Haddad will be appointed as Goodwill Ambassador to advance and accelerate climate action across the Arab region and around ...

Mayyas Stuns Britain’s Got Talent Judges

6 days ago
They’ve won the Arabs Got Talent 2019 and they’re representing Lebanon at Britain’s Got Talent 2019, and they’re doing it in style! Mayyas is up against the best in the world and they’re already impressing ...

The Region’s Highest Astronomical Observatory To Be Built in Bsharre

2 weeks ago
NDU astrophysics professor Roger Hajjar is hoping to find donors to build an observatory at one of the highest peaks in Lebanon [3,073 meters], after receiving from Japan a 60-centimere telescope as a donation. Hajjar ...

Lebanon Wins 5 Medals at 2019 World Masters Weightlifting Championship

3 weeks ago
The 2019 World Masters Weightlifting Championship was taking place in Montreal from the 16th till the 24th of August and Lebanon, which was represented by seven athletes, impressed by clinching five medals, including 3 Gold ...
Animals & Wildlife

Vetlivery – A Mobile Veterinary Clinic in Lebanon

3 weeks ago
Having passionately developed her skills with pets after pursuing her studies at l’École nationale vétérinaire de Lyon and the Lebanese University’s Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Maria Mouallem has come up with a genius ...

Meet Sara Balawalashi

1 month ago
Whenever you meet new people in Lebanon whether at work or at college or when out with friends, there’s always this one person who wants to know your family name, where you’re from to try ...

A Dream Reborn: Lebanon’s First Satellite

1 month ago
In the early 1960s, a small group of students from Haigazian University led by their Mathematics professor, Manoug Manougian, founded the Lebanese Rocket Society. After three years of research and trials, they were able to ...