What Are We Parading For?

We all love and respect our Lebanese Army, we all cherish our country and want to celebrate its Independence but I don't understand why are we still holding the yearly parades? Our army needs money, equipment and training, the government's expenses are skyrocketing while our economy is in deep ship, there are fears the Lira might crumble any day, all businesses are struggling and we don't have a government yet. Given all that, why are…

EDZ No More?

Yesterday, the parliament decided against extending the old concession EDZ had been given and instead endorsed a two-year operation contract. For those of you who don't know, EDZ was established in 1927 and is the only company in Lebanon that has a license to produce and distribute electricity, it is currently providing 24/7 electricity to over 250,000 inhabitants. Its authority stretches beyond Zahle to include 15 other municipalities. Collection is almost 100% and bills are…

What Happened to Rafic Hariri’s Planned Garden in Beirut?

3 days ago
I spotted this sign for the first time six years ago maybe if not more, and yet there’s still no garden there and not even a sign that they might be working on one. The ...

What Happens to the Water Bottles at the #Beirut Marathon?

4 days ago
A lot of people yesterday during the Beirut Marathon become all of environmentally conscious and started sharing pictures of discarded water bottles on the side of the road. Tens of thousands of runners join the ...

AUB’s Outlook Team Thinks Homophobia is an Opinion

5 days ago
Last week, I saw a couple of homophobic articles published in AUB’s Outlook paper being shared by ex-AUBites including one of Outlook’s ex-Editor in Chief. One of the articles tackles the “elusive search for a ...

Generator Owners vs. Economy Ministry, There’s Only One Loser: The People

1 week ago
Two days ago, private generators announced a two hour temporary shutdown throughout Lebanon and the majority of generator owners complied with this decision. In return, the Economy Ministry vowed new measures against generator owners and ...

Tourism Minister Strikes Again

1 week ago
So first he picks Armenia over Lebanon, which is fine as long as you’re not a freaking minister and more specifically the Tourism Minister, and now he bashes Egypt in an interview with the Daily ...

1745: A New Hotline to Report Domestic Violence in #Lebanon

1 week ago
In collaboration with the NGOs┬áKAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the┬áNational Commission For Lebanese Women (NCLW), the Lebanese internal security forces have issued a new hotline “1745” to receive ...

Fuel Crisis Worsening, Longer Power Cuts Expected Soon

1 week ago
Surprise Surprise! we’re headed towards further electricity blackouts soon if the Lebanese government fails to secure fuel oil very soon. Who’s to blame? As usual they’re all to blame. Energy Ministry is blaming the Finance ...

Roula Yaacoub’s Husband (& Suspected Murderer) Found Innocent

2 weeks ago
Five years ago, Roula Yaacoub was allegedly beaten to death by her husband using a stick. Roula was found unresponsive at her home and succumbed to her wounds shortly after arriving to the hospital. Her ...