After Almost Four Months, Judge Leading Beirut Blast Probe is Backing Down

It's been almost four months now since the Beirut port blast took place, and despite the overwhelming evidence proving the negligence and incompetence of several parties, from the customs to the port officials, security agencies and several ministers and ministries, Judge Fadi Sawwan has yet to accuse one person of the explosion that killed over 200 people and ravaged Beirut. Instead, he's trying to throw the ball in the parliament's court as he asked parliament…

Yolande Labaki is Making Dolls For Children Impacted by the Beirut Port Blast

The 4th of August explosion resulted in over 200 deaths, 6,500 injuries and left an estimated 300,000 people homeless. Almost four months later, a lot of people are still unable to get back home and many can't afford to repair their shattered houses. A lot of people and dedicated NGOs are helping, and we've seen beautiful initiatives come out of this catastrophe. One of them is by Yolande Labaki, a grandma and an artist, who…

Why BDL’s Forensic Audit Was Doomed To Fail

The forensic audit was a key demand by the IMF and international donors prior to giving Lebanon any money, and Diab's government announced back in July that they're hiring Alvarez & Marsal to conduct the audit. While many hailed the signing as a major step towards fighting corruption and widespread waste in state institutions, it was clear the that New-York-based company was bound to fail for many reasons: 1- BDL was clear since day 1…

Ogero Contract Ends on Jan 2021

The government hasn't renewed yet Ogero's contract and hasn't paid Ogero a penny in 2020. This means that Ogero can no longer operate legally next year, and is already missing cables, spare parts and essential equipments. To sum things up, we're in 2020, our internet is still shit and Lebanon's sole internet provider doesn't have a contract next year.

Lebanon Only Member Country Not To Sign The Media Freedom Pledge

1 week ago
Maharat reported earlier today the below: “It was drawn to the attention of “Maharat Foundation” that Lebanon did not sign the final statement of the ministerial meeting of the 2020 Global Conference for Media Freedom, ...

Meet the Lebanese-Armenian Entrepreneur Leading The Fight Against COVID-19

1 week ago
The race to find a COVID-19 vaccine started months ago, and while Pfizer was the first to announce a vaccine candidate, it is Moderna that has the upper hand with a 94.5% effective vaccine against ...

Low-cost German Airline Eurowings to Launch Direct flights to Beirut from Berlin, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf

1 week ago
Under the label “families and homeland visits”, cheap German airline and Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings has decided to expand its flights and connect 3 new German cities to Beirut. They will be served as follows: 1- ...

Recent France2 Report 12 Uncovers New Details on Beirut Port Explosion

1 week ago
“Beyrouth: une bombe au coeur de la ville” which translates into “Beirut: a bomb at the heart of the capital” is the title of the Envoyé Spécial report which aired on France 2 on November ...