Aana Reserve in the West Bekaa

The sight of a deer chewing on grass is not something we're used to in Lebanon, yet it exists in West Bekaa at the A’ana Nature Reserve. This little-known gem is located towards the end of Ammiq village where hundreds of deers live in a huge reserve that is also home to rabbits, ducks, and other woodland creatures. Ammiq is a gorgeous area all-together and is famous for its wetlands which stretch for 280 hectares.…

HomeCity Using Coronavirus in Latest Ad

The whole world is freaking out about the coronavirus, Lebanon's Health Minister has been re-assuring people almost daily that we don't have any cases, and Home City thought it would be a great idea to use the deadly virus in their latest ad. I'm intrigued to know who told them that using it would be smart and catchy. Terrible ad and terrible use of sickness for humorous purposes! Photo Credits: Habib Battah

[Updated] MEA & All Operating Airlines in Lebanon To Accept Only US dollars

Update: Middle East Airlines has reversed its decision to sell tickets exclusively in foreign currencies, at the request of PM Hassan Diab. The decision is outrageous, apparently illegal for MEA but expected and effectively already in place. Most businesses are trying their best to get paid in dollars because it is no longer sustainable to deal with a fluctuating Lira. On the other hand, people can't withdraw their dollars because banks are not allowing them…

Digital Surgery, Co-Founded by Lebanese Dr. Jean Nehme, Acquired by Medical Technology Leader Medtronic

Ireland-based Medical Devices giant Medtronic announced this week that it will acquire Digital Surgery, a privately-held pioneer in surgical artificial intelligence, data and analytics, and digital education and training. The purchase aims to strengthen its robot-assisted surgical platform and its broader portfolio. Digital Surgery's CEO & co-founder Dr. Jean Nehme also announced the news, stating that they've decided to join forces with the world’s largest medical technology company and that Digital Surgery became part of…

Great Results for Lebanon at The 2020 MENA Karting Nations Cup

2 days ago
Four Lebanese drivers, including Abdo Feghali’s kid, also the youngest Karting Champion in Lebanon’s history, Christopher Feghali, competed at the 2020 MENA Karting Championship – Nations Cup which took place between the 10th and 14th ...

Lebanon Wins King Abdullah II Basketball Tournament After 15 Years

2 days ago
Despite everything that’s happening in Lebanon, including the league’s suspension since October 2019, the Lebanese National Basketball team was able to win the King Abdullah II Tournament after defeating Jordan 71 to 68. The last ...

Enzo Sabbagha to represent Lebanon at the Voice France this Saturday

4 days ago
After Johnny Maalouf in 2012, Anthony Touma in 2013, Aline Lahoud in 2014, Hiba Tawaji in 2015 and Marc Hatem in 2016, a new Lebanese talent is giving it a shot at this year’s the ...

Liban: La Revolution

6 days ago
Check out this 9-minute long report by Tancrède Bonora (C à vous) on the Lebanese Revolution. It’s been over 110 days now and today was yet another proof that the revolution is alive and kicking! ...