Chiyah Cell Phone Store With The Weirdest Marketing Stunts

When I accidentally saw one of his videos, I thought it was a joke but the store is very real and the person behind it is relentlessly producing new stunts and I have to say they're quite catchy, lame and cringe but catchy. Too bad it's only his videos that are interesting, as the products he's selling seem all fake or counterfeit 😂

Gibran Khalil Gibran Monument To Be Inaugurated in New York City

Earlier in April this year, the United Nations HQ in New York City honored Lebanese US writer Gibran Khalil Gibran with a three-day exhibition entitled "Khalil Gibran returns to New York after 100 years.” The exhibition featured more than 30 artworks, including oil paintings, watercolors, charcoal drawings as well as the first edition of Gibran's masterpiece "The Prophet". This week, it was announced that a marble sculpture of Khalil Gibran will be inaugurated in New…

Pizza Hut has a Zaatar Stuffed Crust Pizza Now

Pizza Hut has recently opened a new branch in Manara and announced new items on the menu including the "Stuffed Crust Zaatar". They also have a new Halloumi Pesto Pizza but the Zaatar one is the most appealing to me. It's pretty much similar to the "cocktail" man2oushe but with Pizza Hut's cheese stuffed crust, which is what I like most about their pizzas 😁. Definitely worth a try!

Lebanon’s Little Petra: The Haidara Monument – Qabb Elias

The first time I heard about a deer reserve in Lebanon was through Plus961 and today I learned about Haidara, also known as Lebanon's Little Petra. The Haidara monument is located in the village of Qab Elias, overlooking the Bekaa valley. It consists of a 10 meter long monument, possibly a Roman tomb, carved into a steep limestone cliff. It's 13 meters wide and was called "Temple of the Sun” due to its polished façade…

Lebanon Now Has The Record For The Longest Labneh Sandwich

5 days ago
The southern town of Arabsalim (عرب صاليم) has decided to make the longest labneh sandwich in the world (I think ?) measuring over 46 meters. The record breaking sandwich came as as part of the ...

Lebanon’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil “Bustan El Zeitoun” Earns Three International Awards in 2023

1 week ago
Being from the South, I would always brag to my friends that we produce the best olive oil up there, and now I have proof to back my claims 😀! Bustan El Zeitoun, an olive ...

Sursock Museum To Reopen on Friday 26 May!

1 week ago
The Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock Museum was one of many cultural & historic sites significantly damaged by the August 4 explosion. In fact, over 600 building having heritage status, concentrated in the historic districts of Gemmayzeh ...

The Saida Public Beach Incident is Not About Religion

1 week ago
As much as the Bikini vs Burkini clash is being portrayed as a religious one following the Saida public beach incident, the real problem is the absence of the rule of law and the incompetence ...