Babel Restaurant Now Open at Dubai Mall

One of Lebanon's finest restaurants has recently opened a luxurious branch at Dubai Mall. Babel, which was previously at La Mer Dubai has relocated and opened on Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue. The new location is nothing short of breathtaking with a stunning interior decor and setup. However, the food is what makes Babel so different from other Lebanese restaurants, more specifically their innovative take on traditional Lebanese dishes. Here are few pictures and a video…

Check Out Alfie App: Teach Your Kids Arabic The Fun Way!

Teaching kids the Arabic Language can be quite challenging nowadays, especially when everything around us is in English or French. This is true for locals and even more for expats whose children don't even get Arabic lessons at schools, except in Lebanese schools abroad which are rare to find. Alfie is an app designed by Lebanese & Jordanian expats and aimed at teaching children the Arabic alphabet in a fun way. It's a visually appealing…

Pain D’or Replaced Rainbow Cakes With Sunset Cakes

After being targeted for promoting LGBT rights through rainbow cakes by a bunch of bigoted ignorants, Pain D'or released a rather disappointing statement and has recently decided to replace its rainbow cakes with sunset cakes. In the meantime, our so-called Culture Minister is still ridiculing himself in a series of endless tweets and some educational establishments are starting to make measures to "fight" LGBTQ rights, such as banning Mickey Mouse & Sponge Bob 😂

So Long Sayrafa, Hello Bloomberg!

Riad Salameh is gone and so is his shady exchange platform "Sayrafa". Instead, the Council of Ministers has agreed to adopt a new Bloomberg-operated platform for dollar trading, which is expected to reflect the actual and free exchange rate, limit the cash economy and replace the numerous parallel market exchange rates. This is in theory of course, but the truth is that while this platform may provide more transparency, the absence of reforms and the…

Sprinter Aziza Sbaity Was Once Questioned Over Her Lebanese Passport at The Airport

3 weeks ago
Imagine being the country’s fastest female sprinter and one of its most celebrated athletes, and being interrogated at the airport by a security officer and questioned over the validity of your Lebanese passport. That’s what ...

Stray Bullet Shootings in Lebanon Kills & Injures at Least 23 People Yearly

4 weeks ago
According to a study by Information International, a Beirut-based independent regional research & consultancy firm, stray bullet shootings kill 8 people and injure 15 yearly in Lebanon. The numbers are based on data acquired from ...

Leading Lebanese Media Issue Powerful Joint Statement Against Hate Speech

1 month ago
LBC, MTV, Al Jadeed, Annahar, Nidaa Al Watan, L’Orient Lejour, Raseef22, Daraj, the Legal Agenda and other leading newspapers & media outlets in Lebanon issued a powerful joint statement yesterday condemning the “hate speech and ...
Movies & Television

“Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn” Now Playing on Apple TV

1 month ago
Apple TV released today a series on Carlos Ghosn entitled “Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn”. The four-episode series tells the tale of the Brazilian-French-Lebanese businessman and how he managed to escape from Japan by ...