We’re Organizing an Arab Summit That No One wants to Attend

The Arab Economic and Social Development Summit kicks in Beirut on Sunday, yet it is already being labeled a failure following the controversies that preceded it and the appalling level of representation. We barely have two heads of states attending while the rest is down to a ministerial level with the latest head of state apologizing being the Tunisian president. The reasons behind that are many, but mainly 1) The Syrian file, 2) Libyan flag…

#Elections2018: When Do Appeal Decisions Come Out?

It's been eight months now since the 2018 general elections took place in Lebanon and the appeal decisions still did not come out. Legally speaking, the deadline set for the Constitutional Council to announce the results is vague but based on previous results, it shouldn't exceed three months. There are 17 appeals presented to the council, including Joumana Haddad's appeal which she submitted citing three reasons, 1) a discrepancy with the expatriate votes; 2) some…

Lebanon’s #10YearsChallenge

Since everyone's posting about their #10years challenge, I thought I create one for Lebanon and how certain things have changed in the past 10 years. Lebanese Government Formation: 2009: We spent 137 days without a government. 2019: It's been almost 240 days and we're still without a government. Electricity: 2009: We were promised 24/7 electricity 2019: Generator owners to provide 24/7 electricity soon. Water: 2009: Water shortage 2019: Worsening water shortage Internet: 2009: Lebanon had…

Angry Sea – Through the Lens of Nabil Ismail

We've had two storms so far and the pictures that are coming out, aside form the flooded roads, are quite amazing. I compiled few pictures of the angry sea as captured by Nabil Ismail. I recommend you check his profile for more pictures. Stay safe everyone!

Latest Central Bank Circular: All Money Transfers from Abroad to be Paid out in LBP

2 days ago
Lebanon’s Central Bank issued a circular yesterday stating that all electronic money transfers from abroad be exclusively paid out in Lebanese pounds, in an attempt to limit the outpour of US dollars. The circular does ...

AFC Condemns Pirating of #AsianCup2019 Matches by Tele Liban

3 days ago
This is an official statement from the The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) issued today: Abu Dhabi: The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) today condemns the pirating of matches of the AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019 by ...

What Happened to the 90 days Deadline Set on “Smuggled” Phones?

3 days ago
Four months ago, Telecom Ministry announced new measures to prevent illegally imported mobile devices. Those who were to bring in a phone purchase abroad were able to use it on a Lebanese SIM for 90 ...

Celebrating a New Year Far Away from Home

3 days ago
This year, we chose to celebrate Christmas and welcome the new year 2019 in Montreal far away from home. However we didn’t fly here just for fun but because my wife & I decided to ...