We Praise Our Martyrs Yet Forget Their Killers

December 12 marks the 13th anniversary of Gebran Tueni's assassination but also the 11th anniversary of Lebanese Army General François al-Hajj's assassination. Two men coming from different backgrounds but fighting for the same principles and for one cause: freedom and sovereignty above all. Every year, we're reminded of the bravery shown by such men and stories glorifying them are published and shared online, but their memory is also fading and justice has yet to prevail.…

Ragheb Alame Just Realized the Country is in Deep Sh*t

I love Ragheb Alameh, I'm a big fan of his old songs mainly and the guy is still one of the best performers in the country but I think he should stay away from politics. His latest song " Tar el Balad " makes him look as if he was living in a bubble and he just realized we're in deep shit. Obviously, that doesn't entitle anyone and more specifically an elected MP, to bash…

Watch the Gavin Ford Tribute Show

I just finished watching the Gavin Ford Tribute show and it brought back so many memories. It also taught us about Gavin's every day life and how fun he was. All in all, it's a beautifully made tribute and I wish Radio One & our awesome friend Olga the best of luck. Watch it here, R.I.P Gavin:

Go Visit #MessageDePaix’s Christmas Exhibition This Weekend!

5 days ago
I love “Message de Paix” and what it stands for, and I invite everyone to participate in their ongoing Christmas exhibition at Le Royal Hotel – Beirut from the 6th till the 9th of December. ...

A 32-member Cabinet is a Blatant FU to all Lebanese

5 days ago
The government formation deadlock is ongoing and the latest suggestion to resolve it is a 32-member cabinet, which if you ask me, is a blatant F*ck You to all Lebanese citizens. The whole world is ...

Mira Toufaily Shines Ahead of #MissWorld on December 8, while Maya Reaidy prepares for Miss Universe

6 days ago
Miss Lebanon 2018 Maya Reaidy will represent Lebanon at the annual Miss Universe pageant, which will take place this year on Monday, December 17, in Bangkok, Thailand. As part of her Miss Universe preparation, Reaidy flew ...

Capharnaüm gets #Lebanon’s first #GoldenGlobeAward Nomination ahead of US release on December 14

6 days ago
Is there a place in the world where Nadine Labaki’s chef-d’oeuvre hasn’t been watched yet? After “The Insult” made it to the final round of the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 90th Academy ...