Lebanese-Canadian Dr. Mona Nemer Re-Appointed as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor

On October 1st, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Dr. Mona Nemer’s reappointment as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor. Dr Nemer assumed this role back in 2017 and will continue following her re-appointment "to promote science and its benefits for Canadians, and provide impartial scientific advice to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and Cabinet". She has also been advising on the latest developments in COVID-19 research. Dr. Nemer is a distinguished…

Interior Ministry Planned Lockdown Will Only Make Things Worse

Lebanon’s Interior Ministry announced yesterday a weeklong lockdown of 111 towns and villages across the country due to a high number of coronavirus infections. The decision was taken based on the numbers provided by the new official COVID-19 map, but many towns are disputing the numbers and some people are claiming the map uses place of origin, not place of residence, to register someone’s infection, but this hasn't been denied or confirmed yet. Nevertheless, assuming…

New Color-Coded COVID-19 Map For Lebanon

2 weeks ago
Lebanon launched a new portal to map the daily number of COVID-19 cases across the country. The portal, which includes a color-coded map indicating the risk level per area, is a joint work between the ...

Health Ministry is Collecting Travelers’ PII on an Unofficial Website

4 weeks ago
A friend of mine was traveling to Beirut two days ago, when he was asked to fill out an online survey as required by the Health Ministry. When he went in to check out the ...

Lebanon has No Choice But To Go Back into Lockdown Mode

2 months ago
The government has failed, the Health & Interior Ministries have failed miserably, the media failed and the people have failed too in respecting the COVID-19 guidelines. However, now is not the time to play the ...

Safest Countries for COVID-19: UAE Ranks 11th, Lebanon 77th

3 months ago
A report on the top 100 safest countries for COVID-19 was issued by the Deep Knowledge Group, a consortium of companies and nonprofits owned by Deep Knowledge Ventures, an investment firm founded in 2014 in ...

#McDonaldsCares: A Golden Card To Honor Health Care Heroes

4 months ago
Solidarity is the only way forward to overcome COVID-19 and we’ve seen tons of awesome initiatives in Lebanon by various businesses, NGOs and even on an individual level. Health front-liners, from nursing, doctors, administrative teams, ...

Lebanon To Partially Re-Open Tomorrow: Wear Your Masks & Apply Social Distancing!

5 months ago
Lebanon’s Prime Minister has announced today that the government will proceed to “partially re-open” the country as of Monday, while Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi issued a memo detailing the rules to be followed as the ...

Café Najjar Offering Free Raqwa Coffee Machines & Capsules to Health Heroes

5 months ago
To thank them for their service and for the sacrifices and efforts they are making round the clock, leading Lebanese coffee maker Café Najjar is offering free Raqwa Machines and capsules to the entire medical, ...

LAU Mobile Clinic Touring Lebanon to Provide Free PCR Tests

6 months ago
LAU launched a week ago The Mobile Clinic and has been touring Lebanon offering free PCR tests for patients who cannot afford it or are not covered by the NSSF or any other medical insurance. ...