Lebanon’s vaccination campaign against COVID-19 was launched on January 27 2021, and the former Public Health Minister had promised 80% of the population would be fully vaccinated by the end of the year. Instead, Lebanon is among the worst ranked country in terms of vaccination rates with barely 29% of the population having received two doses. In addition to that, we still have over 600 cases on a daily basis and tens of positive cases on incoming flights.

What went wrong? Pretty much everything and the previous Health Minister along with Hassan Diab’s failed government are the most to blame, and there’s isn’t much that can be done to fix this mess at this point as the country is facing a severe shortage of meds, vaccines, electricity, gas, fuel, dollars, food, add to that political and sectarian tensions.

Nevertheless, for those interested in reading more about the slow, expensive and chaotic vaccine rollout in Lebanon, I recommend you check out this article by The Public Source.