Hassan Diab First PM to Reside at the Grand Serail

MTV reported today that newly appointed Prime Minister Hassan Diab will be moving with his family to the Serail, which makes him the first ever PM to reside at the Grand Serail ever since it was inaugurated by Martyr Rafic Hariri. It's a nice place to stay in that's for sure. Whether Diab is doing it to cut cost or for security reasons following the protests next to his residence, it's a good call to…

Day94 in Pictures : Protests Turn Violent in #Beirut

Three months without a government, three months of ignoring people's demands and this is what you get. People are frustrated, they're angry, they're fed up and things will only get worse if this ruling class doesn't stop being so arrogant and negligent. Here's a compilation from tonight's events:

Did Metropolis Beirut Shut Down For Good?

2 weeks ago
When the October 17 revolution begun, Metropolis issued a statement suspending all its activities until further notice in solidarity with the uprising, but three months later, Annahar reported that the theater has shut down for ...

Lebanon’s Women Football Team Crowned 2019 West Asia Champions!

2 weeks ago
The U-18 Lebanese Women’s football team won the West Asia Championship today after defeating Bahrain 3-0. The Lebanese team has been impressive throughout the whole tournament and quite exceptional in attack scoring 10 goals in ...

Without Official Capital Controls & a Haircut, Economic Crisis Will Only Get Worse

4 weeks ago
Ever since Diab was assigned to form a new government, I’ve been hearing a lot of calls to give this man a chance in order to speed up the formation of the cabinet and stop ...

#Angela Storm to Hit Lebanon

1 month ago
Winter is here and we’re expecting a stormy and snowy Christmas this year in Lebanon. A snowstorm dubbed #Angela is set to hit Lebanon starting Wednesday and will consist of strong wings, heavy rains and ...

Teaming up With Le Charcutier To Spread Joy This Holiday Season

1 month ago
We’re going through very rough times in Lebanon, unemployment and poverty are on the rise and more and more families are struggling to make ends meet or even putting food on the table. With Christmas ...

Chekka Christmas Tree Made Out of 129K Plastic Bottles

1 month ago
Live Love Beirut shared today a picture of Chekka’s Christmas eco-friendly tree, which was completed and broke the Guinness World Record of the largest tree made from recycled plastic bottles. The tree is 28.5 meters ...

500 Lawyers to Visit Prisons Across Lebanon on December 22

1 month ago
Lebanon24 reported last week that the Beirut Bar Association has agreed to send 500 lawyers to all Lebanese prisons on December 22 in an attempt to determine which prisoners: 1- Don’t have a lawyer yet. ...

Meet The Ghiath Beast Patrol By W Motors

1 month ago
The most recent addition to Dubai’s police force is a mega-4×4 beast called the Ghiath, courtesy of the Dubai-based Lebanese supercar maker W Motors. Dubbed as one of the most advanced police vehicles in the ...