First Aerial Pictures of the Jal el Dib Bridge

The Lebanese Contractor Magazine shared earlier today few aerial pictures of the new Jal el Dib bridge. The first part is almost complete while the second is on its way. Whether they will ease traffic once done or not remains to be seen. For me, I was in favor of a bridge but the works made traffic ten times worse than before and they were working in slow-motion the first couple of months.

What Happened to Rafic Hariri’s Planned Garden in Beirut?

I spotted this sign for the first time six years ago maybe if not more, and yet there's still no garden there and not even a sign that they might be working on one. The space is huge, is located right in front of the Four Seasons Hotels and Beirut desperately needs a large green space especially that there are practically none in DownTown Beirut so why aren't they doing about it? If you have…

Le Sushi Bar Opening in DT Beirut for its 21st Anniversary

1 day ago
One of Beirut’s oldest and finest Sushi restaurants, Le Sushi Bar, is opening a new branch to celebrate its 21st anniversary in DownTown Beirut right behind Starco building. Le Sushi Bar has been open since ...

Lebanon’s Gross Public Debt In First Half of 2018 is Higher Than All of Last Year’s Debt

3 days ago
During 2017, Lebanon’s gross public debt hit $3.76 billion. During the first half of 2018 only, the gross public debt grew by $3.4 billion, vs $1.6 billion in the same period of 2017. Overall, Lebanon’s ...

AUB’s Outlook Team Thinks Homophobia is an Opinion

3 days ago
Last week, I saw a couple of homophobic articles published in AUB’s Outlook paper being shared by ex-AUBites including one of Outlook’s ex-Editor in Chief. One of the articles tackles the “elusive search for a ...

Two Lebanese Gins Worth Trying

4 days ago
For all gin fans in Lebanon, there are currently two Lebanese gins in the market, The Three Brothers Gin and Jun Lebanese Gin. 3Brothers gin was created by a group of Lebanese bartenders after years ...

What’s Really Happening to Lycee Abdul Kader?

4 days ago
Destroying heritage buildings and houses, green spaces, public beaches has become an unfortunate trend in past years in Beirut, and the latest victim might me the old Lycee Abdul Kader building. I don’t know how ...

It’s Time for Round 3 of The #FitB4Christmas Challenge

6 days ago
We’re almost 50 days away from Christmas and it’s time for my yearly #FitB4Christmas with TechieDad! What started off as a fun challenge is actually paying off because I’ve almost managed to maintain my weight ...

Generator Owners vs. Economy Ministry, There’s Only One Loser: The People

6 days ago
Two days ago, private generators announced a two hour temporary shutdown throughout Lebanon and the majority of generator owners complied with this decision. In return, the Economy Ministry vowed new measures against generator owners and ...

1745: A New Hotline to Report Domestic Violence in #Lebanon

1 week ago
In collaboration with the NGOs KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the National Commission For Lebanese Women (NCLW), the Lebanese internal security forces have issued a new hotline “1745” to receive ...