Latest Central Bank Circular: All Money Transfers from Abroad to be Paid out in LBP

Lebanon's Central Bank issued a circular yesterday stating that all electronic money transfers from abroad be exclusively paid out in Lebanese pounds, in an attempt to limit the outpour of US dollars. The circular does not apply to bank transfers but to international money transfers sent through companies like OMT and Moneygram. With the way things are going, you can expect further drastic measures in the coming future if we fail to form a government…

AFC Condemns Pirating of #AsianCup2019 Matches by Tele Liban

This is an official statement from the The Asian Football Confederation issued today: Abu Dhabi: The Asian Football Confederation today condemns the pirating of matches of the AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019 by Lebanon TV and has ordered that the practice must stop with immediate effect. The AFC has already written a ‘cease and desist’ letter to Lebanon TV and reserves the right to take whatever action is considered appropriate in this matter. The AFC…

What Happened to the 90 days Deadline Set on “Smuggled” Phones?

1 day ago
Four months ago, Telecom Ministry announced new measures to prevent illegally imported mobile devices. Those who were to bring in a phone purchase abroad were able to use it on a Lebanese SIM for 90 ...

MP Tabsh Pulls an Avedis at the KSA-Lebanon Football Game

2 days ago
When asked whether she’s supporting KSA or Lebanon before the game, MP Tabsh was undecided on which side to choose. Quoting Al Modon she said in her own words “Hayde 3en you Hayde 3en”. A ...

Al-Mustaqbal newspaper to stop printing and become digital on February 1st

3 days ago
“Faced by the transformations that the press industry is witnessing in Lebanon and the world, and the continuous decline in sales and advertising revenues in the local market, the administration of al-Mustaqbal Newspaper has decided ...

Lebanon likely out of the AFC Asian Cup after dismal losses against Qatar and Saudi Arabia

3 days ago
Going into the AFC Asian Cup with so much hope and belief after scoring 15 consecutive wins in 4 years with the new Montenegrin coach Miodrag Radulović until a defeat against Jordan last September, and 19 ...

Capharnaum gets Oprah praise and BAFTA nomination

3 days ago
The successes continue for Nadine Labaki’s chef-d’oeuvre “Capharnaum”. After being nominated for the Golden Globe Awards and falling short against “Roma” in the “Best Foreign Language Film” category last week, many challenges lie ahead for ...

2018 World Design Rankings 2018: Lebanon Ranked #24

4 days ago
The 2018 World Design Rankings list is out and #Lebanon is in 24th spot with 33 awards collected in the past 12 months. The World Design Rankings ranks all the countries based on the number ...

Google Reviews on Hbeish (Ras Beirut) Police Station

4 days ago
Hbeish Police station was renovated a couple of years ago and renamed into Ras Beirut Police station. The station was one of Lebanon’s most notorious station and the bastion of Lebanon’s morale values incarceration station. ...

PUBG Getting Banned by the Lebanese Army?

6 days ago
A memo was circulating few days ago on Reddit claiming PUBG was getting banned in Lebanon, but the memo stated that it will be banned to army personnel only. Yesterday, Al Arabiya shared an article ...