Azadea Set To Reopen Adidas & Reebook By April 2021

After having shut down all their branches in mid-2020 due to the economic crisis, Reebook & Adidas stores are set to reopen in Lebanon by April after Azadea had acquired the franchises to both brands. Azadea is the company that owns and operates brands like Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti, and hundreds of others in the region.

The Big Mac Index : Lebanon Now Tops Cheapest Places To Buy A Big Mac

The Big Mac Index was created in 1986 by The Economist and is an "informal way of measuring the purchasing power parity between two currencies and provides a test of the extent to which market exchange rates result in goods costing the same in different countries". They basically do that by measuring each currency against a common standard – the Big Mac hamburger sold by McDonald's restaurants all over the world. Now that that Lebanese…

Anghami Becomes First Arab Tech Company To Get Listed on NASDAQ NY

2 days ago
Anghami has officially completed a merger with Vistas Media Acquisition Co. Inc., a publicly traded special-purpose acquisition company and is now the first ever Arab technology company to list on NASDAQ New York. The transaction ...

List of Private Companies Authorized to Import COVID-19 Vaccines

5 days ago
Lebanon’s Health Ministry stated earlier this week that it has authorized 20 private companies to import COVID-19 vaccines, but a Ministry official said the local companies “have so far faced rejection from the companies that ...

Troubling Numbers In The First Vaccination Report By The Central Inspection

6 days ago
Joelle M. Abi-Rached published on twitter the full report by the Central Inspection following the first week of COVID-19 vaccination in Lebanon. Looking quickly at the numbers in the report below: – 28,080 doses of ...

LSE Study: Questioning The Effectiveness of Foreign Aid to Lebanon

6 days ago
Valentina Finckenstein, the author of this LSE Ideas study entitled “How International Aid Can Do More Harm Than Good: The Case of Lebanon“, questions the effectiveness of international aid to Lebanon throughout the last three ...

Lebanon Minimum Wage (in $) Has Dropped by Over 90%

6 days ago
The minimum wage in Lebanon is LL675,000 which was the equivalent of $450 prior to October 2019, is now worth 70$ ONLY! And given the rate at which the LIRA is deteriorating recently, it will ...

Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad is Joining The World’s Longest Zoom Meeting

6 days ago
The Lebanese Ministry of Information tweeted yesterday that minister Abdel Samad has received an invitation to host the longest Zoom meeting in the world that is expected to last more than 28 hours. The event ...

The Lebanon Outsourcing Initiative by B.O.T

1 week ago
A new and exciting initiative was launched this week aimed at linking global companies to Lebanese professionals in the digital, technology, creative, finance and other fields. The [Lebanon Outsourcing Initiative], launched by Bridge. Outsource. Transform ...

Beirut’s Crisis Observatory Study: No Herd Immunity Before 2025

1 week ago
A study conducted by the Crisis Observatory at the American University of Beirut warned that Lebanon will not reach herd immunity before the summer of 2025 at this slow pace. In fact, Lebanon has only ...