New Labor Minister Moustafa Bayram Wants us to Work in Qatar

Our new labor minister's idea of tackling Lebanon's surging unemployment rate is twofold: - Launch an application that links the labor market with workers, which is useless and a waste of time given that the real problem now is not the recruitment process, but companies going bankrupt and the whole economy collapsing. - Reactivate an agreement with the State of Qatar to secure job opportunities for Lebanese in Qatar. Ideally, this might work but who…

Archaeologists Unearth Two Mass Graves of Slaughtered Crusaders in Sidon

The chipped and charred bones of at least 25 young men and teenage boys were found inside the dry moat of the ruins of St. Louis Castle in Sidon, according to an article by livescience. The remains revealed "unhealed wounds from stabbing, slicing or blunt force trauma. Most of the injuries were to the fighters’ backs, suggesting they may have been killed while fleeing—possibly by adversaries on horseback, based on where the blows fell on…

Lebanon’s Annual Inflation Rate is The World’s Highest

4 days ago
Remember how everyone was dismissing the Venezuela scenario a year ago? Well we officially surpassed Venezuela as having the highest annual inflation rate worldwide, but we’re still third overall in terms of inflation rate increase. ...

20 Tons of Ammonium Nitrate Seized in The Bekaa

1 week ago
Security forces raided today a warehouse in the eastern Bekaa Valley, considered a hub for smuggling operations between Lebanon and Syria, and seized 20 tons of ammonium nitrate stored inside a truck. The chemical is ...

Lebanese Cabinet Names For The Past 20 Years

1 week ago
Looking back at Lebanon’s governments since 2005, they all had redundant and cliché names and the latest government is no different. The latest cabinet’s name was declared as “Together to the Rescue” (″معا للانقاذ″), a ...

Presidential Palace Has No Right To Ban Reporters

1 week ago
Al Jadeed reporter Layal Saad was denied entrance to the Presidential Palace’s press office last week because of a previous incident that took place months ago where Saad referred to the president as ‘Aoun’ and ...

How Much Money Did Your Municipality Receive Since 1993?

1 week ago
The Gherbal Initiative launched an interactive page showing all the amounts transferred from the revenues of the Municipal Fund to all municipalities since 1993 (paid in 1996) until 2017 (paid in 2019). Here are some ...

Former PM Hassan Diab Left The Country Before His Scheduled Questioning

1 week ago
Judge Bitar, who’s in charge of the Beirut blast, had summoned former Prime Minister Hassan Diab back in August 26, but Diab failed to appear. He then rescheduled the questioning for September 20, but Diab ...

#TalkingSavesLives: Appreciation Post For “Embrace” & Their Tireless Efforts

1 week ago
No words are enough to describe the passion and dedication behind the “Embrace” team. Despite all the challenges that they’re facing, their young front-liners are bringing a glimpse of hope back to a fallen nation, ...

Alephia 2053

2 weeks ago
I just finished “Alephia 2053” and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was despite being 50 minutes long. Alephia 2053 is the first dystopian animation movie produced in Lebanon and has gathered the ...