The Proposed Austerity Budget: A Recipe for Chaos

"Lebanons is nearing fiscal crunch", "Lebanese PM Warns of Catastrophe", "EBRD urges Lebanon to pursue painful economic reforms to avoid crisis", "Lebanon Is Facing an Economic and Environmental Disaster" and "As Lebanon leaders talk austerity, protesters cry ‘thieves!’" are some of the headlines you find online on the current financial situation in Lebanon. Are we facing a financial crisis? Definitely. Is the country on the brink of collapse? We've been hearing that for the past…

Lebanon’s Debt Increases $21,000 Every Minute

In 2018, Lebanon's national debt increased by $6.6 Billion Dollars, which amounts to almost $12,500 every minute. This year, the debt is expected to increase by $11 Billion Dollars, which means that that it will increase roughly by $21,000 every minute. If we look at January only, the national debt reached $85.32 billion — nearly 150% of the gross domestic product — an increase of $4.93 billion compared to January 2018. The reasons behind this…

LCPS 2018 Report: 95% of Lebanese Think We’re Headed in The Wrong Direction

2 months ago
The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS) released its Feb 2019 report and revealed some interesting finds after conducting a survey back in October 2018 with 1,200 respondents. According to the repot, The survey was ...

Lebanese Candidate Ziad Hayek to Challenge U.S. President Trump’s Choice

2 months ago
World Bank elections are nearing and Lebanon has put forward a candidate that may challenge U.S. President Trump’s Choice David Malpass. In fact, the status-quo in picking the world bank president, which relied on a ...

The McKinsey Report for #Lebanon is Out!

4 months ago
The Ministry of Economy has uploaded the McKinsey full report entitled “Lebanon Economic Vision” on its website. It’s a 1274 pages long report with a long and comprehensive executive summary of around 150 pages. You ...

Lebanon’s Gross Public Debt In First Half of 2018 is Higher Than All of Last Year’s Debt

6 months ago
During 2017, Lebanon’s gross public debt hit $3.76 billion. During the first half of 2018 only, the gross public debt grew by $3.4 billion, vs $1.6 billion in the same period of 2017. Overall, Lebanon’s ...

World Bank Urging Lebanese Authorities To Form Government, Implement Reforms

6 months ago
We have the world’s third largest public debt-to-GDP ratio, fiscal and electricity reforms, which are seen as priorities ,are not in place yet; inflation is the highest in five years, projection for 2018 real GDP ...

Lebanon Among the 20 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

7 months ago
The 2018 Global Competitiveness Report is out and Lebanon has ranked 80th out of 140 countries, which is a major improvement from last year’s 101st spot but there are still a lot of worrying indicators ...

Lebanon’s Inflation Rate at 6.5 Percent, Highest in Five Years

10 months ago
A deteriorating economy, alarming unemployment rates, a crumbling infrastructure, an ever increasing corruption rate and on top of all that increasing consumer prices. In this recent BLOM report, all components of the Consumer price index ...

Unemployment Rate in #Lebanon at 46%?

1 year ago
I was just reading that President Aoun warned yesterday “that the grave economic situation, presence of Syrian refugees and the reluctance of Lebanese to take low-paid jobs has caused unemployment to soar to 46 percent”, ...