Four Lebanese on Forbes MENA’s Most Powerful Business Women

Forbes published this year's list of MENA’s most influential and successful businesswomen and four Lebanese women made it to the list. The ranking is based on several criteria including accomplishments achieved over the last year, designation, overall work experience, CSR and others. Egypt & the UAE scored the most entries this year with seven each, and the banking and financial services sector was the most dominant with 16 entries. Here are the Lebanese businesswomen who…

BDL Foreign Reserves Dropped By Half a Billion Dollars in January ONLY!

If you're still wondering how much it cost BDL to drop the lira exchange rate from 34,000 to below 20,000; the answer is $509 million dollars as reported by Megaphone News. This comes as part of BDL's Circular 161 aimed at pumping dollars into the markets to absorb the volume of Lebanese pounds in circulation, but without dollars coming into the country and a proper reform plan from the government, this strategy is only making…

Latest from Riad Salameh: Official Rate 1,507 No Longer Realistic

5 months ago
Lebanon Central Bank governor spoke to AFP earlier this today and revealed that Lebanon needs approximately between 12 and 15 billion dollars to kickstart recovery. He also added that the official exchange rate is ‘no ...

We Wasted 16 Billion Dollars Since 2019; Only 24% Were Used for Subsidies

7 months ago
When the economic crisis erupted in 2019, we still had 30 billion dollars left in the Central Bank. Two years later, we managed to waste 16 billion dollars and ONLY used 24% to back the ...

Lebanon Has Just Received $860 Million From the IMF

8 months ago
Lebanon’s Central Bank has reportedly received its share of the IMF’s new SDR allocation, totaling $860 million. SDRs are usually meant to help low-incoming and developing countries build reserve buffers and facilitate their recovery efforts, ...

Funds Held by Lebanese in Swiss Banks Up By $2.7 Billion in 2020

10 months ago
EM Economist & Former and previous Director of the Geo-economics and Strategy Programme (GESP) Alia Moubayed shared some insightful figures this week on the surge in funds held by Lebanese in Swiss Banks since 2019. ...

Lebanon’s Public Debt Has Dropped by Over 80 Billion Dollars

1 year ago
Megaphone shared a very interesting report on how Lebanon’s public debt has dropped by over 80 billion dollars since last year, mainly due to two factors: – Eurobond prices have dropped sharply – Lebanese bonds ...

Cost of Fattoush Has Gone Up By 210%

1 year ago
Food prices have soared by up to 400% in December 2020 and Lebanon’s inflation rate has hit 84.9% in 2020, the highest since 2013. Last December, food prices have increased by up to 400% as ...

The Lebanese Pound 100 Years Journey

1 year ago
Lebanon issued its first coins in 1924 in denominations of 2 and 5 (قرش) with the French denominations given in Syrian piastres. The first banknotes were issued in 1925 and it was only in 1939 ...

The Big Mac Index : Lebanon Now Tops Cheapest Places To Buy A Big Mac

1 year ago
The Big Mac Index was created in 1986 by The Economist and is an “informal way of measuring the purchasing power parity (PPP) between two currencies and provides a test of the extent to which ...