LSE Study: Questioning The Effectiveness of Foreign Aid to Lebanon

Valentina Finckenstein, the author of this LSE Ideas study entitled "How International Aid Can Do More Harm Than Good: The Case of Lebanon", questions the effectiveness of international aid to Lebanon throughout the last three decades and how it played a role in keeping this entrenched Lebanese political structure alive, among other things. To give you an idea on how much money we're talking here, it is estimated that in the post-war period between 1993–2012,…

Lebanon Minimum Wage (in $) Has Dropped by Over 90%

The minimum wage in Lebanon is LL675,000 which was the equivalent of $450 prior to October 2019, is now worth 70$ ONLY! And given the rate at which the LIRA is deteriorating recently, it will only get worse. While dropping the 1515 peg may seem like a sound idea, this is not how it was supposed to happen, as the dollar shortage is driving the prices up and given that we need dollars to buy…

About The New Iskan Housing Loans …

1 month ago
I was looking for information regarding the new subsidized housing loans that were announced a week ago and I found this great informative video by Jad Ghosn. To sum things up quickly, we got $165 ...

Where Did the Bank Deposits Go?

2 months ago
Between end of 2018 and February 2020, 98,885 accounts were closed in Lebanese banks, the majority holding between 5 and 30 Million Liras. $21.3 Billion Dollars is the total amount of cash withdrawn from banks ...

Lebanon Downgraded to C from Ca, Lowest Grade by Moody’s

6 months ago
Moody’s has lowered Lebanon’s credit score to C, which is the same level as Venezuela. Obligations rated C are the lowest-ranked class of bonds and are typically in default, with little prospect for recovery of ...

Dr. Fady Gemayel Elected President of The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers

8 months ago
Fady Gemayel, co-owner and honorary chairman of Gemayel Freres S.A.L., a leading corrugated cardboard company in Lebanon, has been elected as the new FEFCO president for a two-year term. The Brussels-based corrugated packaging industry association ...

All Official Customs Data From 2011-2019 in One Dynamic Chart

10 months ago
If you’re still wondering why we need that many dollars to import stuff? And why prices of imported items are soaring in recent weeks? Check out this awesome chart created by Bassam Karam grouping all ...

Supporting Lebanon’s Struggling Hospitality Industry

10 months ago
I woke up today to the news that Le Bristol Beirut is shutting down after 70 years. Even though this was not confirmed yet by the hotel’s management, it goes without saying that Lebanon’s hospitality ...

#JobsforLebanon: Make Lebanon Work

10 months ago
In addition to the health pandemic that the World is suffering from, Lebanon has been going through a disastrous economic crisis with soaring unemployment rates and thousands of business closures. For that purpose and earlier ...

With BDL’s Latest Circular, We Now Have Four Lebanese Lira Rates

10 months ago
Leave it to the BDL geniuses to figure out new ways to screw us over while pretending to “facilitate” cash withdrawals for people. It took me a couple of hours today to understand the latest ...