Meet the Lebanese Animator Working On Your Favorite Walt Disney Movies

If you've ever wondered, like myself, who are the brilliant minds behind Walt Disney and Pixar's animated movies, you'd be happily surprised to know one of them is a Lebanese animator and a former schoolmate. Louaye Moulayess kicked off his career with a short stint at Pixar, then moved to Blue Sky Studios before joining Walt Disney in 2019. He has worked so far on "Cars 2", "Ice Age 4", "Epic", "Rio 2", "The Peanuts…

Daskara: A Community-Driven Guide To Lebanon’s Hidden Gems

DASKARA, which is Arabic for "Authentic village", is a recently launched app that is user-driven and serves as a repository of insider information on the plethora of natural and cultural sites in Lebanon. The app relies on contributions to expand its database and share new locations & experiences. Over 100 villages, researched and archived since 2010 are currently being added to the database, and the rest will be community-driven by contributors and experts. Check out…

Formulawand: Lebanese Homemade F1-Like Car

1 month ago
Khalil Lawand and his son Ibrahim Lawand built from scratch what should be an F1-lookalike car using the same dimensions as an F1 car, a BMW 528i engine, and even including a DRS system, “a ...

Ghadi The Movie is on Netflix!

1 month ago
Ghadi is a 2013 Lebanese drama film directed by Amin Dora with George Khabbaz as the writer and lead actor. The movie was also selected as the Lebanese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film ...

Lance Armstrong Leads “Bike for Beirut” To Raise Money For Beirut Explosion Victims

1 month ago
One of the most popular and most controversial sports figures in the biking world Lance Armstrong took part in the “Bike for Beirut” event today along with tens of other cyclists to raise awareness and ...

Distributors Will Stop Delivering Medical Supplies to Rafic Hariri Hospital

1 month ago
RHUH’s CEO Firas Abiad warned back in August that the hospital is running very low on its medical supplies due to the financial crisis, and that they will be empty-handed very soon if the pandemic ...

Lebanon and Israel to Hold US-Mediated Talks Over Maritime Borders

2 months ago
Three weeks after US placed sanctions on Berri’s top aide finance minister Ali Hassan Khalil, Lebanon’s Parliament Speaker came out today to announce that Lebanon and Israel have asked that the United States mediates talks ...

New Color-Coded COVID-19 Map For Lebanon

2 months ago
Lebanon launched a new portal to map the daily number of COVID-19 cases across the country. The portal, which includes a color-coded map indicating the risk level per area, is a joint work between the ...

Lebanon Needs You to Buy Its Wines

2 months ago
Bloomberg shared an article promoting Lebanese wines to its readers and shared links to shops where some bottles can be found abroad, but they forgot to mention the ultimate website for buying Lebanese wines, ...

Health Ministry is Collecting Travelers’ PII on an Unofficial Website

2 months ago
A friend of mine was traveling to Beirut two days ago, when he was asked to fill out an online survey as required by the Health Ministry. When he went in to check out the ...