Orca Found Dead on Sarafand Beach

Orcas are often called killer whales, because of their size and the animal's ability to take down large marine animals, such as sea lions and whales. However, they don't typically attack humans and belong to the dolphin family. Videos of an Orca swimming off Khaldeh's shore were viral last week, as it's rare sight, but unfortunately the Orca was found dead on the shore in the south Lebanon town of Sarafand. It's still not clear…

Swiss Butter Opening Soon in Dubai!

Swiss Butter announced few days ago on LinkedIn that they're putting the final touches on their first Dubai branch at Novotel al Barsha. They didn't announce an official opening date yet but the branch looks almost done so it should be soon. I love the concept behind that place. It's casual, serves only 3 main platters with their special sauce . They recently brought back the burgers as well, 30 fresh 220 gram patties smothered…

AUB Alumnus Dr. Hussein Tawbi Named to Trump’s Council on Science & Technology

2 weeks ago
Lebanese doctor & AUB alumnus Hussein Tawbi has been nominated by US President Donald Trump to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). The mission of the Council of Advisors on Science ...

Stricter Capital Controls To Be Implemented This Week?

3 weeks ago
BDL Governor & The Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) are seeking to legitimize the coercive measures being taken and have dispatched a circular to the government to regulate bank-customer relationships. In the mean time, ...

Radio One Shuts Down After 37 Years on Air.

3 weeks ago
Media outlets are closing one after the other in Lebanon, and the latest is the famous 105.5 Radio One after almost 37 years! I saw the news on Beirut.com and a lot of people have ...

The Silent Leaders: The Lebanese Revolution Art Book

3 weeks ago
Ever since the revolution started, artists have mobilized to add their marks to the massive movement that has swept across the country and someone is compiling all their works in one art book. The book ...

After Retiring from the National Team, Fadi el Khatib Retires From Basketball

3 weeks ago
After retiring two years ago from Lebanon’s national team, Fadi El Khatib has announced that the most recent Dubai tournament will be his last and that he is retiring from the sport all together. The ...

2019 Corruption Index: Lebanon Ranked 137 Out of 180

3 weeks ago
“Nearly one in two people in Lebanon is offered bribes in exchange for their votes, while more than one in four receive threats if they don’t vote a certain way”. [Full Report] I think this ...

Hassan Diab First PM to Reside at the Grand Serail

4 weeks ago
MTV reported today that newly appointed Prime Minister Hassan Diab will be moving with his family to the Serail, which makes him the first ever PM to reside at the Grand Serail ever since it ...

Day94 in Pictures : Protests Turn Violent in #Beirut

1 month ago
Three months without a government, three months of ignoring people’s demands and this is what you get. People are frustrated, they’re angry, they’re fed up and things will only get worse if this ruling class ...