“Alf Leileh w Leil”: A Powerful Song By Michelle & Noel Keserwany Depicting Lebanon’s Suffering

The talented Keserwany sisters have released a new track entitled "Alf Leileh w Leil" and it's yet another masterpiece. In every track that they've come up with, Michelle & Noel always knew how to describe what's happening in their unique artistic way, and Alf Leileh w Leil lyrics hit us where it hurts. They managed to cover everything from the port explosion and the desperate quest for truth and justice, to the brutality against protesters,…

Expo 2020 Dubai’s all-Women Orchestra Led By Lebanese Conductor Yasmina Sabbah

Expo 2020 Dubai kicked off with an incredible show tonight, including a unique musical experience delivered by an all-women orchestra conducted by Lebanese Yasmina Sabbah. The one-of-a-kind Firdaus Women’s Orchestra includes talented female musicians of 23 nationalities from around the Middle East with ages ranging from 16 to 51, and will be creatively led by music maestro AR Rahman. Prior to the opening ceremony, an exclusive video was shared showing the Firdaus Orchestra performing for…

Visit Lebanon’s Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

2 weeks ago
Update: Here’s a first look at the Lebanon Pavilion and the experiences offered to visitors. [Link] Expo 2020 Dubai has officially opened after a year delay and Lebanon will be taking part under the theme ...

Caroline Hayek (L’Orient-Le Jour) Nominated For The Prestigious Albert Londres Prize

2 weeks ago
The Albert Londres association has unveiled the list of articles, films and books pre-selected for the 2021 edition, and Caroline Hayek from L’Orient-Le Jour is among the candidates nominated for the best written report of ...
Animals & Wildlife

Hunting is in Major Decline Due to Economic Crisis

2 weeks ago
Lebanon’s New Minister Of Environment Nasser Yassin has declared that he won’t be opening the hunting season this year, but the season was already declared dead since early September due to the economic crisis. There ...

Difficulties Deaf People Face Every Day in Lebanon

2 weeks ago
September 23 is the The International Day of Sign Languages and this year’s theme is “We Sign For Human Rights,” highlighting how each of us – deaf and hearing people around the world – can ...

New Labor Minister Moustafa Bayram Wants us to Work in Qatar

2 weeks ago
Our new labor minister’s idea of tackling Lebanon’s surging unemployment rate is twofold: – Launch an application that links the labor market with workers, which is useless and a waste of time given that the ...

Archaeologists Unearth Two Mass Graves of Slaughtered Crusaders in Sidon

3 weeks ago
The chipped and charred bones of at least 25 young men and teenage boys were found inside the dry moat of the ruins of St. Louis Castle in Sidon, according to an article by livescience. ...

Lebanon’s Annual Inflation Rate is The World’s Highest

3 weeks ago
Remember how everyone was dismissing the Venezuela scenario a year ago? Well we officially surpassed Venezuela as having the highest annual inflation rate worldwide, but we’re still third overall in terms of inflation rate increase. ...

20 Tons of Ammonium Nitrate Seized in The Bekaa

3 weeks ago
Security forces raided today a warehouse in the eastern Bekaa Valley, considered a hub for smuggling operations between Lebanon and Syria, and seized 20 tons of ammonium nitrate stored inside a truck. The chemical is ...