Without Fuel, Expect an Internet Blackout Soon in Lebanon

The fuel shortage has already caused a severe power outage across the country and is forcing a lost of businesses to shut down or reduce their working hours. As far as the internet is concerned, Ogero stations need electricity to operate and if they run out, expect an internet outage in several areas. As far as fiber optics are concerned, you can forget about them as the government won't be funding this project anytime soon.…

Lebanon’s Top UN Diplomat Elected as VP of UN General Assembly

Dr. Amal Mudallali has officially become of the Vice Presidents of the UN General Assembly after the Middle East country was voted to the position. Dr. Mudallali has been serving as the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Lebanon to the United Nations since January 2018. Prior to her appointment, Dr. Mudallali was based in Washington DC, as the principal advisor on American Affairs to Prime Minister Saad Hariri of Lebanon. She also followed United Nations…

Fadi el Khatib Will Play with His Son at Champville This Year

4 weeks ago
There aren’t that many father and son that were active players at the same time, let alone play for the same team. Fadi el Khatib and his son will be the first to do in ...

You Can Bring in Up to 15K in Cash Through Beirut’s Airport

1 month ago
Following the airport’s reopening on July 1st, rumors spread that any amounts over $2000 were being confiscated from passengers. The Lebanese Customs issued a statement today clarifying that all passengers can carry up to $15,000 ...

Safest Countries for COVID-19: UAE Ranks 11th, Lebanon 77th

1 month ago
A report on the top 100 safest countries for COVID-19 was issued by the Deep Knowledge Group, a consortium of companies and nonprofits owned by Deep Knowledge Ventures, an investment firm founded in 2014 in ...

When You Don’t Want the Authorities to Know You’re Selling Dollars

1 month ago
Everyone is selling & buying dollars in Lebanon and the easiest way to do so if you’re not a licensed exchanger is through WhatsApp groups. The black market is booming and those trading via WhatsApp ...

Politicians Vs Outspoken Activists: Choose Your Battles Wisely

1 month ago
Is it ok to swear at politicians? Is profanity allowed when addressing ruling parties that have made our lives miserable for the past 30 years and more? Why is it ok for them to swear ...

Byblos Bank Manager Killed in Parking Lot

2 months ago
Antoine Dagher, the Head of Group Ethics & Fraud Risk Management Department at Byblos Bank, was killed in the parking lot of his building in Hazmieh. Early reports are saying he was hit in the ...

Beirut Airport Could Open by June 21

2 months ago
Beirut’s Airport was expected to open by June 8 as part of the government’s de-confinement plan but it looks like the decision will be pushed towards the end of June instead. Public Works Minister hinted ...

Despite The Ongoing Scandals, The Lebanese Government is Keeping The Sonatrach Contract

2 months ago
The Lebanese government has decided last Tuesday to honor its contract with Algerian state energy firm Sonatrach until the end of the year, despite the latest scandals rocking this file. Just to give you a ...