Canada Prime Minister Announces First Ever Lebanese Heritage Month

Justin Trudeau, Canada's Prime Minister, issued a statement yesterday announcing the beginning of the very first Lebanese Heritage Month, "a time to recognize and honour the contributions of Lebanese Canadians to the country we proudly call home". Earlier in July 2023, Canada's parliament unanimously approved naming November as Lebanese Heritage Month and this year throughout Canada, November will be known as such. Here's the full statement by PM Justin Trudeau: ‚ÄúSince the 1800s, when the…

Beirut Blast Survey Reveals 25% of Residents Did Not Return

A survey by Beirut Urban Lab exploring the aspects of life in Beirut ruptured by the blast in 2020, has shown that the occupancy rate stood at 54% for eight sub-neighborhood residential clusters located in neighborhoods of the city that were severely affected by the Port explosion. In addition to that, a quarter of the residents did not return after the blast, while half the residents who received NGO assistance mentioned they were dissatisfied with…

GCC Accounts for 48% of Total Remittances to Lebanon

4 months ago
Remittances continue to serve as a vital source of support for the Lebanese economy and Lebanese families as they amount approximately $6 to $7 billion per year. Despite the COVID crisis and the global recession ...

R.I.P Sami Khayat

7 months ago
Today, Lebanon lost one of the greats. Sami Khayat has unfortunately passed away leaving behind a 60 year legacy of comic theater. Khayat began his career in the 60s and is long considered as the ...

Lebanon Postpones Daylight Saving Time Until April 21 For Ramadan

8 months ago
A memorandum was issued today by the Lebanese government to postpone Daylight Saving Time, which was set to start on Sunday March 26, until April 21 which marks the end of the Ramadan month. In ...

15,000 LBP is The New Official Exchange Rate?

1 year ago
Reuters reported today that the Lebanese Central Bank is set to drop the 1,507 rate that has been used since 1997 and replace it with LL 15,000 for every 1 U.S dollar by the end ...

Librairie Antoine Beirut Souks is Temporarily Closed

1 year ago
The iconic “Librarie Antoine” book store at the Beirut Souks has officially shut down today after a farewell ceremony in honor of the victims of the August 4 Port explosion. The ceremony was led by ...

215,563 Lebanese Left the Country Since 2017

1 year ago
According to the latest report published by Information International, more than 215,000 individuals have immigrated/traveled from Lebanon between 2017 and 2021, including 79,134 last year alone. The statistics are based on on data provided by ...

Lebanon Passport Ranks 102nd in 2022 Passport Index

1 year ago
The 2022 Henley Passport Index, the only one of its kind based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Authority (IATA), has been updated to reflect the passport rankings for this year. The index ...

Forced Underage Marriages Are on The Rise in Lebanon

1 year ago
Underage marriage is still a big problem in Lebanon and has unfortunately increased during the pandemic. Back in 2017, UNICEF revealed that for 1 in 25 girls was married before 18 in Lebanon. Despite years ...