Téléférique Has Finally Reopened

The iconic Téléférique du Liban has finally reopened its doors after four months of closure due to maintenance. The closure was prompted by an unfortunate incident where two Teleferique cabins collided leaving 25 people stranded in mid-air for hours. I worry that it might take some time for people to forget this incident, but one can only hope the company behind the maintenance did its due diligence. According to the below insta post, "European specialists…

LAU New York is Now a Branch campus

The Lebanese American University HQ & academic centre, which has been present in New York since 2013, is now LAU's first global branch campus, making LAU the first MENA-based university to have a campus in New York. The NY LAU campus will be offering an in-person BS in International Business and four master’s programs to be offered online and in person, namely MBA in Business Analytics, MBA in Global Business Administration, MS in Computer Science,…

Lebanon Ranks Second to Last in The 2024 Global Happiness

2 months ago
In this year’s edition of The World Happiness Report, Lebanon received a score of 2.7, the second worst score before Afghanistan. Lebanon ranked 142nd out of 143 countries, and is the least happy country in ...

Téléférique Still Closed for Maintenance

3 months ago
On December 29th 2023, two Teleferique cabins collided leaving 25 people stranded in mid-air for hours. The incident raised concerns on the safety of this decades-old cable car system and prompted its operator to shut ...

Judge Nawaf Salam Elected President of the International Court of Justice

3 months ago
The International Court of Justice issued a press release today announcing that Judge Nawaf Salam was elected President for a term of three years. Salam had become a member of the Court in 2018 after ...

Canada Prime Minister Announces First Ever Lebanese Heritage Month

6 months ago
Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, issued a statement yesterday announcing the beginning of the very first Lebanese Heritage Month, “a time to recognize and honour the contributions of Lebanese Canadians to the country we proudly ...

Beirut Blast Survey Reveals 25% of Residents Did Not Return

9 months ago
A survey by Beirut Urban Lab exploring the aspects of life in Beirut ruptured by the blast in 2020, has shown that the occupancy rate stood at 54% for eight sub-neighborhood residential clusters located in ...

GCC Accounts for 48% of Total Remittances to Lebanon

9 months ago
Remittances continue to serve as a vital source of support for the Lebanese economy and Lebanese families as they amount approximately $6 to $7 billion per year. Despite the COVID crisis and the global recession ...

R.I.P Sami Khayat

1 year ago
Today, Lebanon lost one of the greats. Sami Khayat has unfortunately passed away leaving behind a 60 year legacy of comic theater. Khayat began his career in the 60s and is long considered as the ...

Lebanon Postpones Daylight Saving Time Until April 21 For Ramadan

1 year ago
A memorandum was issued today by the Lebanese government to postpone Daylight Saving Time, which was set to start on Sunday March 26, until April 21 which marks the end of the Ramadan month. In ...