You Can Bring in Up to 15K in Cash Through Beirut’s Airport

Following the airport's reopening on July 1st, rumors spread that any amounts over $2000 were being confiscated from passengers. The Lebanese Customs issued a statement today clarifying that all passengers can carry up to $15,000 in cash and that any amount above that limit should be declared. The two WhatsApp voices that spread claimed amounts over $2000 were confiscated and one claimed he was handed back a bank check which doesn't really add up. In…

There’s No LL500,000 Bill (Yet)

There's a LL500,000 bill circulating online for the past week or so, but it's actually an old LL50,000 special edition bill that was released by BDL and photoshopped after. However, I think it's only a matter of time before BDL has to release LL250,000 and LL500,000 bills given how badly things are going. The dollar is worth LL4000 for the time being, but it's expected to keep rising as long as there are no reforms,…

COVID-19 Updates: Plan To Re-Open The Country Revealed

9 months ago
The spread of the Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, has had the country on lockdown since the beginning of March. Social distancing, staying at home, businesses, and schools closing their doors to employees and students. Even license ...

Lebanese Parliament Has Legalized Cultivation of Cannabis for Medical Use

10 months ago
LBCI just reported that Lebanon’s parliament has just voted in favor of a law that would legalise the cultivation of cannabis for medical and industrial use. This comes after the draft law was endorsed by ...

Thermal Scanners Deployed at Rafic Hariri International Airport

11 months ago
The Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon tweeted earlier today pictures of two human temperature measuring equipments donated by Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd and deployed at the airport. This will help the authorities measure temperatures without ...

ZWZ Vancouver Branch Officially Opening on November 29

1 year ago
For all Zaatar W Zeit fans, the Vancouver branch is set to officially open on November 29. The address is 531 Granville Vancouver, British Columbia. You can find more information on their FB page. This ...

Melhem Khalaf Wins Beirut Bar Association Elections Against All Ruling Parties

1 year ago
Khalaf’s win is being celebrated as the first electoral victory for the revolution and it righteously is so. Khalaf, an independent candidate running against politically-backed candidates, got the highest number of votes and is officially ...

Lebanese-Born Roula Khalaf First Ever Female Top Editor of Financial Times

1 year ago
The Financial times has appointed its first female editor in 131 years, as Roula Khalaf is set to replace Lionel Barber who is stepping down as editor after 14 years. Ms Khalaf has been the ...

Protests in Solidarity with #Lebanon Happening All Over the World

1 year ago
A protest took place earlier today in Montreal in solidarity with Lebanon and several protests are planned across the world to support the Lebanese people in his fight against the rotten political class. Here are ...

ESCWA Road Reopens After 8 Years, Salim Slem Works Still Ongoing

1 year ago
ESCWA road was finally reopened after almost 8 years by orders of Interior Minister Raya el Hassan, in an attempt to ease traffic. I never understood why this road was closed in the first place, ...