ESCWA Road Reopens After 8 Years, Salim Slem Works Still Ongoing

ESCWA road was finally reopened after almost 8 years by orders of Interior Minister Raya el Hassan, in an attempt to ease traffic. I never understood why this road was closed in the first place, they claimed that it was closed due to security concerns back in 2011 but nothing really has changed ever since. Has the security situation stabilized from last year to now? If not, why was it kept closed? Still, it's a…

Vandalized Lebanese Army Monument On Qornet el Sawda Cleaned

A group of young men from Zahle and Bcharreh climbed up to the Qornet el Sawda and rehabilitated the monument that was installed by PolyLiban few years back to commemorate the martyrs of the Lebanese Army. A picture circulated online a couple of weeks ago showing the monument vandalized by visitors. Poly Liban is organizing a polyathlon from Byblos to Qornet el Sawda next weekend for those interested.

UN General Assembly Adopts Lebanon’s Academy for Human Encounters and Dialogue

3 days ago
The United Nations General Assembly voted on Monday in favor of a resolution endorsing Lebanese President Michel Aoun’s initiative to establish the Academy for Human Encounters and Dialogue in Lebanon. Aoun had submitted the proposal ...

Michael Haddad Appointed as UNDP Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Climate Action

4 days ago
The United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) has announced two days ago that Lebanese endurance athlete Michael Haddad will be appointed as Goodwill Ambassador to advance and accelerate climate action across the Arab region and around ...

Donate Blood on Ashoura Day

1 week ago
Who is Hussain? and Donner Sang Compter Lebanon are organizing this year the biggest blood donation campaign to encourage those who commemorate Ashoura to “give blood for those who need it most and be like ...

Le Charcutier Opens in Adonis, Now Has Three Branches in Keserwan

2 weeks ago
After Sarba in 2008 & Jeita in 2005, Le Charcutier has unveiled its latest store in Keserwan in the Adonis area last week. You’d think that three branches are too much in one area, but ...

Capernaum is on Netflix!

1 month ago
I posted recently on Lebanese movies available to watch on Netflix and Capernaum wasn’t there. I saw someone post on Facebook today that it’s there so I checked again and found it! If you haven’t ...

Greater Beirut Public Transport Project

1 month ago
Over the past few years, congestion in and out of Beirut has been a major issue. Over 600,000 vehicles access Beirut from the North, South and East regions. Some solutions have included public transport but ...

Diageo To Implement 26-Week Paid Parental Leave Policy

1 month ago
Update: Diaego is not the first apparently in Lebanon as Zomato has implanted a 6 months paternity & a 6 months maternity for its employees since May. Diageo Lebanon is set to be the first ...

Lebanese Movies on Netflix

2 months ago
Front Row Filmed Entertainment shared a short video listing all the Lebanese movies that are currently on Netflix. Th current movies streaming on Netflix are: – Bosta – Taxi el Ballad – The Attack – ...