Watch the Gavin Ford Tribute Show

I just finished watching the Gavin Ford Tribute show and it brought back so many memories. It also taught us about Gavin's every day life and how fun he was. All in all, it's a beautifully made tribute and I wish Radio One & our awesome friend Olga the best of luck. Watch it here, R.I.P Gavin:

#Capharnaum Official US Trailer is Out, Movie to Start Showing on December 14

Nadine Labaki's latest film "Capernaum", which is sitting on top of the Lebanese Box office for 2018, will be released on December 14 across US theaters. The trailer is already out, you can check it below: If you haven't seen the movie yet, here's my . CapharnaĆ¼m is one of two Lebanese movies that qualified to be nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for the Foreign Language Film category at the 76th Golden Globe…

Lebanon Among the 20 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

5 months ago
The 2018 Global Competitiveness Report is out and Lebanon has ranked 80th out of 140 countries, which is a major improvement from last year’s 101st spot but there are still a lot of worrying indicators ...

Around 50% of Gas Stations in #Lebanon Don’t Have a License

5 months ago
The Syndicate of Gas Station Owners estimated the number of unlicensed gas stations in #Lebanon to be around 1,500, out of 3,000 gas stations across the country. “Less than half of the gas stations are ...

AUB Ranked First in MENA Region & 45th Worldwide in Graduates Employability

6 months ago
The American University of Beirut has been ranked the best in the MENA region and is ranked #45 among all universities worldwide for the employability of its graduates. This criterion measures the proportion of graduates ...

Should You Consider an MBA?

6 months ago
Working in the financial sector for the better part of a decade means I share my floor with many MBA graduates. In these uncertain times for Lebanon, with skyrocketing unemployment and bleak economic outlook, many ...

Car Accident Statistics in August: 473 Accidents, 40 Kills & 600+ Injured

6 months ago
A friend of mine compiled the TMC stats for car accidents during the month of August and shared them in a graph. The numbers are alarming to say the least and nothing much (as usual) ...

New 5000LL Banknote Being Circulated is Fake

6 months ago
I’ve received images of a supposedly new 5000LL banknote being released soon, but BDL did not make any official statements in that regards and it’s just fake news. It does look nice though. To check ...

Sioufi & St Nicolas Gardens to Undergo Renovation

7 months ago
According to the Beirut municipality FB page, Sioufi and St Nicolas gardens in Achrafieh will be renovated soon with the works at Saint Nicolas already underway. I was going through the blog’s archives and Saint ...
Animals & Wildlife

A First in #Lebanon: Man Jailed for Killing Dog

7 months ago
We keep seeing viral videos documenting animal abuse in Lebanon but we’ve never heard of anyone getting arrested for these crimes. BETA took it upon themselves to investigate one of these cases and managed after ...