Ghobeiry Municipal Council President Wants To Build Power Plant On Lebanon’s Only Golf Club

First, yes we have a golf club in Lebanon and it's very well preserved surprisingly enough. The Golf Club of Lebanon was established in 1923 and is the oldest and largest golf club in Lebanon, and the only one still standing today from the four golf clubs that were present. It is located in Bir Hassan Ouzai next to Henry Chehab Barracks. Going back to the topic at hand, Maan Khalil, President of Ghobeiry Municipality…

Kuwait Just Sent 3 Tons of Baby Formula to Lebanon

Kuwait was among the first countries to provide a humanitarian aid to Lebanon following the Beirut port explosion in August 2020, and has most recently sent an airplane carrying three tons of baby formula as a gift from the Kuwaiti people to the Lebanese people. This is one of 18 Kuwait airplanes that were dispatched to Lebanon carrying over 820 tons of basic needs to Lebanon. The baby formula was provided by in cooperation with…

Who Are the Thawra Avengers?

1 month ago
We’ve had tons of new movements popping left and right ever since the revolution started, including a group whose logo has the “Avengers” on it with the Thawra first in the background. Those “Thawra Avengers” ...

#Elections2022: Same Nationality, Same Rights!

1 month ago
The online registration for Lebanese expats begun a week ago, but it’s still not clear whether expats will have the right to vote in their respective electoral districts or be restricted to only 6 seats. ...

Beirut Comic Art Festival: 6-10 October 2021

1 month ago
The French Embassy in Lebanon & l’Institut Français du Liban are organizing the first edition of the Beirut Comic Art festival from October 6 till October 10 2021. The festival will start with a concert ...

Lebanese Photographer Myriam Boulos is This Year’s Magnum Photos Nominee

1 month ago
Magnum Photos is an international photographic cooperative owned by its photographer-members, with offices in New York City, Paris, London and Tokyo. This year, at the 74th Annual General Meeting (AGM), two new nominees were selected ...

Beirut Blast: 72 Foreign Victims From 12 Different Nationalities – Who Are They?

1 month ago
The Beirut port explosion killed 218 people including including nationals of Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Pakistan, Palestine, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and the United States. However, the number of non-lebanese killed ...

We Wasted 16 Billion Dollars Since 2019; Only 24% Were Used for Subsidies

1 month ago
When the economic crisis erupted in 2019, we still had 30 billion dollars left in the Central Bank. Two years later, we managed to waste 16 billion dollars and ONLY used 24% to back the ...

“Alf Leileh w Leil”: A Powerful Song By Michelle & Noel Keserwany Depicting Lebanon’s Suffering

1 month ago
The talented Keserwany sisters have released a new track entitled “Alf Leileh w Leil” and it’s yet another masterpiece. In every track that they’ve come up with, Michelle & Noel always knew how to describe ...

Expo 2020 Dubai’s all-Women Orchestra Led By Lebanese Conductor Yasmina Sabbah

1 month ago
Expo 2020 Dubai kicked off with an incredible show tonight, including a unique musical experience delivered by an all-women orchestra conducted by Lebanese Yasmina Sabbah. The one-of-a-kind Firdaus Women’s Orchestra includes talented female musicians of ...