GCC Accounts for 48% of Total Remittances to Lebanon

Remittances continue to serve as a vital source of support for the Lebanese economy and Lebanese families as they amount approximately $6 to $7 billion per year. Despite the COVID crisis and the global recession in the past years, remittances kept flowing from expats in support of their families, making Lebanon the third-highest recipient of remittances in terms of value in the MENA region, preceded only by Morocco and Egypt. So where's that money coming…

Civil Defense Volunteer Wants To Break The Longest Scuba Dive World Record

Mohammad Zein is a diving instructor and a civil defense volunteer who wants to break the longest scuba dive world record. The Lebanese record was 12 hours but Zein managed to break it last month with a 48h dive. Nevertheless, he's still aiming for the world record of 142 hours, 42 minutes & 42 seconds which is still far-fetched but not impossible to achieve. I am curious to know how does one eat while scuba…

Mayyas Has Released Its First Official Music Video “HORRA”

4 months ago
The Mayyas has officially released its first video music entitled “Horra” and it is absolutely stunning visually and artistically. The 5-minute long video showcases Mayyas’ incredible choreography in different settings, one of them being the ...

Roger Feghali Breaks Al-Hussein Rumman Hill Record

4 months ago
Lebanese Rally Champion Roger Feghali has retained the fastest record for Al Hussein Rumman Hill Climb after winning the 2023 edition and breaking Jordan’s Khatshik Shadian 2019 record. Feghali had held the record for 12 ...

Award-Winning Lebanese Film “Peek-A-Boom” Premiering on YouTube on July 25

4 months ago
Update: You can watch it [here]. Our talented friends at wezank produced a short animated movie back in 2020 entitled “Peek-A-Boom” (بَؤّوســي in arabic) that has won them several awards including Best Animation at Harlem ...

Palms The Legend: Who Authorized This Monstrosity?

4 months ago
The Archaeological Site of Nahr el-Kalb has on Lebanon’s Tentative List for potential future World Heritage nomination since 2019 yet the Lebanese authorities don’t seem too adamant to include it. Instead, they somehow authorized a ...
Animals & Wildlife

Animal Rights Activist Ghina Nahfawi Summoned For Reporting Animal Abuse

4 months ago
I don’t recall ever seeing an animal rights activist as devoted & committed as Ghina is. I’ve been following her for years and she’s almost always relentlessly trying to solve every animal abuse case and ...

The Henley 2023 Passport Index: Lebanon Rank Improves From 2022

4 months ago
The Lebanese Passport is still ranked among the world’s weakest passports but it has been slightly improving since 2020. In fact, our passport ranked 94th this year out of 104 countries according to the Henley ...

Arak Al Sharm**** – Courtesy of a Lebanese Street Food Place in India

4 months ago
There’s a Lebanese street food place in Goa, India called “Habibi” that prides itself as being the creator of the Sharmouta wrap 🌯. The wrap in question consists of Zaatar, Labneh and Falafel with fresh ...

Beirut Airport’s Cafématik is Closing on July 17th for Good

4 months ago
When I’m usually sharing news of restaurants or cafes shutting down, it’s mainly because I will miss the place or they bring back good memories, but that’s definitely not the case for Cafématik. The infamous ...