Last year around the same time, rumours spread that Fairouz had turned down an offer to take part in Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh Season and this year we’re hearing again about Fairouz turning down a very generous offer to sing in Saudi Arabia.

The Riyadh Season is one of the biggest festivals in the world spanning over 5 months and carried out in over 11 venues. As of 2023, it had claimed several Guinness records including the record for the largest artificial lake in the world, the largest LED light ball in the world, the longest mobile Sky Loop in the world, and the largest music production studio in the world.

Did Fairouz really turn down an offer?

Fairouz did turn down an offer to perform last year and receive an award from the crown prince but it was not for political reasons, it’s simply because she is no longer doing concerts. As far as this year’s concerned, there are rumours circulating, nothing more.

Fairouz is 89 years old, and hasn’t performed since 2010. She was last seen when French President Macron came to visit her in 2020, but she’s pretty much off the grid. Still, if her health permits, it would be nice to see her perform at the region’s biggest festival.

Until then, the Saudis will have to settle for the “Japanese Fairouz”.