The Syrian regime has apparently sent an official letter to the Lebanese government concerning the British-built towers along the border, claiming that they are a “threat to the Syrian National Security”. Somehow, this mediocre and criminal regime which has allowed thousands of foreign fighters from all nationalities to occupy parts of its land, and has displaced half of its people, is now concerned about its national security.

The funniest part is that these towers were originally put in place by the UK in a record time to protect us from an ISIS-infected Syria, and they’ve been instrumental since 2014 for monitoring the borders and reducing smuggling and illegal trafficking.

In fact, as of 2019, The British had helped train around 11,000 Lebanese soldiers for frontline operations and spent around $100M to train and equip the LAF’s Land Border Regiments, including 39 border watchtowers and 37 Forward Operating Bases along the border.

Despite all that, illegal trafficking is still thriving unfortunately because Syria’s allies in Lebanon are profiting from it and are the key decision-makers. One can only hope that this will change soon and that we will a government capable of controlling the whole Syrian borders. Until then, the Syrian government can take this complaint and shove it!