Bustan El Zeitoun, an olive oil from the Southern town of Abra, has been rewarded once again at the EVOOLEUM Awards 2024, an international platform whose aim is to ensure production efficiency and meticulous selection through a stringent and impartial methodology led by an esteemed panel of experts in extra virgin olive oil.

This year, Bustan El Zeitoun coveted Quality Award as a top-tier producer of limited production extra virgin olive oil (Top 10 EVOO Limited Production Award) at the EVOOLEUM Awards 2024, and the distinguished title “EVOO of the Year 2023” as the foremost Lebanese producer of extra virgin olive oil in the global rankings for extra virgin olive oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Ranking – EVOOWR).

This year’s harvest has been one of the most challenging in recent years in Lebanon, due to the ongoing war in the South and the continuous Israeli aggression all over the South. Bustan El Zeitoun was founded in 2008 by Walid Mushantaf and has become ever since a well-established, highly acclaimed Lebanese brand locally and worldwide.