Being from the South, I would always brag to my friends that we produce the best olive oil up there, and now I have proof to back my claims 😀!

Bustan El Zeitoun, an olive oil from the town of Abra has clinched three gold medals this year at the renowned “NYIOOC” World Olive Oil Quality Competition 2023 held in New York, USA; the esteemed “EVOOLEUM” competition 2023 in Cordoba, Spain, which showcases the finest 100 extra-virgin olive oils in the world; and the prestigious “Olive Japan International Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Competition” 2023 in Tokyo.

This is not the first year “Bustan El Zeitoun” has been recognized. In fact, this is its fourth gold medal at the NYIOOC ceremony, and the Lebanese brand with a score of 91/100 has earned its place in the EVOOLEUM 2024 guide published by Spain’s Mercacei magazine, which specializes in olive tree farming and the olive oil industry at global scale.

These recognitions have once again put Lebanon among the world’s top producers of extra-virgin olive and solidified its position among the top 100 players in the industry.

Nestled in Abra – Saida, a small town of Southern Lebanon, “Bustan El Zeitoun” breathes new life into a national industry that had long been in disarray. Drawing inspiration from the rich history, culture, and heritage of his hometown, Abra – Saida in Southern Lebanon, where olive trees have been preserved for generations, founder of “Bustan El Zeitoun”, Walid Mushantaf combined his will and passion to produce internationally award-winning extra virgin olive oil. What seemed like a distant fiction became reality through his commitment, knowledge, and respect for the environment and the land.

Spanning 500,000 square meters, their orchard boasts twelve Italian varieties alongside local cultivars. For more than a decade, “Bustan El Zeitoun” has adopted and embraced modern, sustainable, and eco-friendly farming techniques, thus combining best-in-class practices with global expertise to ensure the best care is given to their planted olive trees. These trees are specifically chosen, taking into consideration the soil and weather conditions of Lebanon in order to preserve the unique and harmonious taste and flavor that characterizes Lebanese olives and olive oil.

You can read more about Bustan el Zeitoun and check out their products [here].