We Need More Apple Picking Venues in Lebanon

Every year since the Syrian crisis began, Lebanese apple farmers are in crisis. They're unable sell their apple and exporting them is too costly. Every year, farmers have no choice but to leave their apples to rot and their orchards abandoned. There are several initiatives being taken to reduce the crop wastage, from turning apple to cider, or coming up with apple-based products but the problem is still there. One thing that caught my attention…

Zomato remodels its Gold program, limiting users per day and per table

The "fair usage policy" is something we got used to hearing in Lebanon in the technology domain, with data consumption. But guess what? Zomato has started applying it too. On September 21st, if you consulted your Inbox/Junk folders at around 10PM, Zomato would have sent you a broadcast stating the following: Dear Member, Zomato Gold’s journey in the last few months has been nothing short of phenomenal. This couldn't have been possible without the trust…

Food Blogger Mark Wiens Visits Beirut

4 weeks ago
Bangkok-based food blogger Mark Wiens, the author of Migrationology.com and eatingthaifood.com has recently visited Beirut and vlogged about his experience here. He pretty much covered everything from Mezze, to raw meat, street food, desserts to ...

Restaurant Madito Ranked #1 Restaurant in Paris

1 month ago
Lebanese chef Ahmad El Turk moved to Paris in 2015 and spent a couple of years tasting and evaluating other similar restaurants in the area until he decided to open up his small shop in ...

Zaatar W Zeit Drops Plastic Straws

2 months ago
Zaatar W Zeit announced on Instagram that it is dropping all plastic straws from all dine-in, takeaway and delivery orders. This comes as part of ZWZ’s 20 years celebration as they’re launching #therealgreen as part ...

Larissa Takchi Wins 2019 MasterChef Australia

2 months ago
Larissa Takchi, a 22-year-old Lebanese-Australian restaurant manager born and raised in Sydney, has won the 2019 MasterChef Australia title, making her the youngest winner ever of the TV show. Larissa is a self-taught cook with ...

Zaatar W Zeit & Roadster Diner Now Open in Batroun

3 months ago
Even if you are new to the Batroun scene, just follow traffic through the seaside road and you will pass by the newly open Roadster Diner and Zaatar w Zeit outlets. They are located next ...

A Trip Down memory lane: Zaatar W Zeit is Turning 20!

4 months ago
It’s hard to believe (I feel really old) but Zaatar W Zeit is turning 20 this year! When I got the invite to their 20th anniversary, I started going through my ZWZ blogposts and pictures ...

The Power Of Taouk To Unite

4 months ago
A Nejmeh vs Ansar football game ended with yet another brawl and a picture showing two young men fighting quickly went viral. Sandwich W Noss took the opportunity to get these two fans together and ...

Woodbees Zalka Closing This Week For Good

5 months ago
Woodbees announced earlier this week that they will be closing their branch in Zalka branch permanently as of the 28th of April. They did not specify if they’re planning to re-open soon but it doesn’t ...