Pizza Hut has a Zaatar Stuffed Crust Pizza Now

Pizza Hut has recently opened a new branch in Manara and announced new items on the menu including the "Stuffed Crust Zaatar". They also have a new Halloumi Pesto Pizza but the Zaatar one is the most appealing to me. It's pretty much similar to the "cocktail" man2oushe but with Pizza Hut's cheese stuffed crust, which is what I like most about their pizzas 😁. Definitely worth a try!

Lebanon Now Has The Record For The Longest Labneh Sandwich

The southern town of Arabsalim has decided to make the longest labneh sandwich in the world measuring over 46 meters. The record breaking sandwich came as as part of the town's "Labneh & Cheese festival" and was made with local produce. I scanned through the video below and it doesn't look like they brought any officials from the Guinness World Record, but I'm sure no one else in the world is interested in making a…

Lebanon’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil “Bustan El Zeitoun” Earns Three International Awards in 2023

3 days ago
Being from the South, I would always brag to my friends that we produce the best olive oil up there, and now I have proof to back my claims 😀! Bustan El Zeitoun, an olive ...

How Credible Are These TasteAtlas Ratings?

1 week ago
It’s always great to see Lebanese cuisine getting recognized internationally and having our dishes, salads or dips ranked among the best in the world, but it’s also good to look at these ratings and understand ...

The Lebanese Burger Mafia – Coming in Spring 2023

2 weeks ago
Just when I thought I heard all sorts of stories about Lebanese expats, I find out one of the weirdest and most twisted of all: The Burger Baron, the first drive-in chain in Western Canada, ...

A 1885 Ma’moul Recipe From Beirut

1 month ago
Ma’amoul is one of many shared heritages in the Levant across religions, as it is prepared during Easter for Christians and Eid for Muslims. The tradition of Ma’amoul dates back to Mesopotamia and Egyptian Copt’s ...

Darmmess Awarded 2023 Gold Medal at NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition

1 month ago
Darmmess, founded by Lebanese Rose Bechara, was awarded the gold medal “Best Olive Oil 2023” at the NYIOOC International Olive Oil Quality Competition, which is considered the largest and most prestigious olive oil quality contest. ...

Portable Saj: is it Worth it?

1 month ago
Who doesn’t love Saj Manakish or simply Saj Bread? Unfortunately they’re best enjoyed when right out of the Saj and it’s hard to find that that often, especially when you’re abroad. Buying the big old ...

Lebanon has The World’s Highest Nominal Inflation Rate at 139%

1 month ago
According to World Bank’s latest Food Security Update report, Lebanon has the highest nominal inflation rate in the world at 139% followed closely by Zimbabwe at 138% and Argentina at 108%. The food inflation rate ...

Lebanon Caviar Imports Increased From 0.5 tons Last Year to 3.2 tons in 2022

3 months ago
You’d expect luxury goods imports to decrease dramatically when an economic crisis hit a country followed by a dramatic currency collapse, but that doesn’t appear to be the case in Lebanon where caviar imports, as ...