Le Sushi Bar Opening in DT Beirut for its 21st Anniversary

One of Beirut's oldest and finest Sushi restaurants, Le Sushi Bar, is opening a new branch to celebrate its 21st anniversary in DownTown Beirut right behind Starco building. Le Sushi Bar has been open since 1998 and its only branch is located in Achrafieh on Abdel Wahab El Inglizi Street. I love the new location, there's plenty of restaurants opening there and only one good sushi place to go to which is Kampai. Le Sushi…

Make #WorldMankoushehDay A National Day

I woke up this morning to an online petition asking everyone to declare November 2 as the official World Mankousheh Day. An ode to the symbol of Lebanese Food Culture and Traditions. #WorldMankoushehDay was launched by Zaatar W Zeit last year and this year they're also celebrating it by distributing over 9000 man2ousheh all over Lebanon. They also shared a couple of awesome videos showcasing a Lebanese old man baking Manakish with love since 1962…

The Coffee Brewers: Awesome Reusable Coffee Bags

2 weeks ago
A couple of weeks ago, I received three bags of coffee called “Western Cup” containing organic gourmet coffee from Brazil. The bags are imported from abroad and produced for Cafe Abi Nasr. The brewers are ...

Noura is Opening a Huge Flagship Store in DownTown Beirut

3 weeks ago
Noura is celebrating its 70th birthday by opening a new flagship store in M1 building in DownTown Beirut. Works are going pretty quick and according to their Facebook page, they should open within few days. ...

On #WorldFoodDay, Zaatar W Zeit is Donating a Percentage of its Bills to #FoodBlessed

4 weeks ago
Today is #WorldFoodDay, a day of action dedicated to tackling global hunger and for that purpose one of Lebanon’s most popular food chains Zaatar Wou Zeit has decided to team up with #FoodBlessed, an amazing ...

Malak Al Tawouk Launch Their New Mobile app: “Djeijital”

1 month ago
Earlier this month, on September 17, Malak Al Tawouk launched their new mobile application, entitled “DJEIJITAL”, an amalgan of the words DJEIJ (Arabic for Chicken) and DIGITAL. The announcement came in a very humorous way ...

Beirut Mosque Launches Kindness Fridge Initiative

1 month ago
Al Daouk mosque on Bliss Street set up a fridge on the sidewalk whereas people can donate extra food and needy people could pick it up. This Kindness Fridge idea will hopefully help feed the ...

Dunkin’ Donuts to become Dunkin’, with Lebanon to follow trend starting 2019

1 month ago
After 20 years of going under the name “Dunkin’ Donuts”, the American-borne company has decided to move to Dunkin’ to emphasize the selling of coffee and other drinks, beside doughnuts. This will happen in January ...

Bartartine Opens at ABC Dbayyeh With New “Bake & Brew” Concept

1 month ago
I’m glad to see Bartartine finally opening an outlet at ABC Dbayyeh, and I love the new “bake & brew” concept that they’re introducing there. I always find myself picking up stuff from their ABC ...

Lebanese Aline Asmar d’Amman to Redesign Tour Eiffel’s Iconic “Le Jules Verne”

2 months ago
Beirut-born architect and founder of Culture in Architecture Aline Asmar d’Amman was recently tasked with redesigning one of Paris’ most iconic restaurants, Le Jules Verne, which is situated on level two of the iconic Eiffel ...