There’s a Lebanese street food place in Goa, India called “Habibi” that prides itself as being the creator of the Sharmouta wrap 🌯. The wrap in question consists of Zaatar, Labneh and Falafel with fresh vegetables, which is not that shocking of a mix to be honest. What caught my attention though was how the menu spells Zaatar as Zaater and Labne as Labane or Labna, and more specifically another item on the menu called the 420 Chicken Shawarma; I wonder what’s in that mix.

“Habibi” also has its own Arak, dubbed “Arak Al Sharmouta” with the slogan “And they drank happily ever after”. I’ve never heard of Arak making in India but I’m intrigued to try it out. Worse case, if it tastes bad, the bottle is one of a kind that’s for sure 😁.