When I’m usually sharing news of restaurants or cafes shutting down, it’s mainly because I will miss the place or they bring back good memories, but that’s definitely not the case for Cafématik. The infamous Beirut airport cafe is shutting down after 18 years along with Akle, Balkoumi and Salt as they all are under the same group. I can’t say Cafématik products were that bad, as I don’t expect much of airport food, but the real problem were its prices which were unjustifiably high.

So who’s replacing Cafematik?

What I know so far is that Dunkin Donuts just opened at Beirut’s airport and they’ve been sharing stories all day. I heard once that Casper & Gambinis might open as well but those were just rumors. In all cases, I will update the post as soon as I know who’s opening next.

Till then, farewell Cafématik you won’t be missed.