Ets. Antoine Massoud & Domaine Des Tourelles have recently launched Glenbey: The first ever Scotch whiskey with a Lebanese Signature. Glenbey is a blended scotch made from a mixture of barley malt and wheat and will be in the same category of a Johnny Walker Red Label. EAM & Domaine Des Tourelles teamed up with Whyte & Mackay, a Glasgow-based distilling and blending company, to produce Glenbey, that will be priced at LL60,000 or its equivalent at the “black market” dollar rate.

With the current economic crisis and the dollar shortage, coming up with a Lebanese scotch is a very smart idea to grow the local market and obviously attract expats to buy Lebanese products. Lebanon may not have the needed distilleries but we sure do have the know-how and expertise to come up with our own scotch.

I haven’t had the chance to taste it yet but my a friend promised to ship me a couple of bottles soon. I will keep you posted 😉