The first time I heard about wine windows was during COVID as many opened such small service shops to keep social distancing while serving customers. However, the tradition goes back to Florence where people in the 17th century would sell glass bottles of wine through small arched windows to avoid opening a shop or paying taxes.

Going back to Lebanon, we just got our first wine window in Batroun. The place is called “The Winery Window” and is located at the Diaspora Village.

The concept is simple:
1️⃣Select a colored token based on wine of choice 🍷
2️⃣Slide the token 🪙
3️⃣Ring the bell 🔔
4️⃣Grasp the cup from the window and enjoy 🪟

I agree it’s a fun concept but I don’t quite get it. We’re no longer in a pandemic and I’d rather see the bottle of wine I’m drinking from and the people serving me. On the other hand, it is much cheaper to operate without a shop that’s for sure, so I hope it works out for them 😉