Lebanon Has Not Yet Signed a Contract with Pfizer for COVID-19 vaccines

A lot of countries have started administrating the COVID-19 vaccines, with "Israel", our sworn enemy, leading the way in the doses administered per 100 people, followed by the UAE, Bahrain, USA, UK, Denmark, Russia & Canada. In the mean time, Lebanon has yet to sign a contract with Pfizer as President Aoun gave his approval today to proceed with the agreement. The agreement was expected to be signed in mid-December and the vaccine rollout to…

COVID-19: Five Scenarios You MUST Avoid To Prevent The Spread!

It's never too late to stop the virus spread even if cases are surging and the authorities are helpless and/or incompetent. Hospital ICU bed capacity is nearing 100% in Lebanon as PCR testing sites are getting crowded, and numbers are expected to soar in the coming two weeks following the holiday break. Still, this doesn't mean that people should just accept the fact that everyone is going to get it and move on with their…

Lebanon To Allow Parties, Apply Social Dis-Dancing

6 months ago
The country’s COVID-19 measures were revised today ahead of the holidays, whereas the nighttime curfew is now set at 11:30PM instead of 11PM and businesses will be allowed to open until 10:30 pm instead of ...

Meet the Lebanese-Armenian Entrepreneur Leading The Fight Against COVID-19

7 months ago
The race to find a COVID-19 vaccine started months ago, and while Pfizer was the first to announce a vaccine candidate, it is Moderna that has the upper hand with a 94.5% effective vaccine against ...

Lebanese-Canadian Dr. Mona Nemer Re-Appointed as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor

8 months ago
On October 1st, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Dr. Mona Nemer’s reappointment as Canada’s Chief Science Advisor. Dr Nemer assumed this role back in 2017 and will continue following her re-appointment “to promote science ...

Interior Ministry Planned Lockdown Will Only Make Things Worse

8 months ago
Lebanon’s Interior Ministry announced yesterday a weeklong lockdown of 111 towns and villages across the country due to a high number of coronavirus infections. The decision was taken based on the numbers provided by the ...

New Color-Coded COVID-19 Map For Lebanon

8 months ago
Lebanon launched a new portal to map the daily number of COVID-19 cases across the country. The portal, which includes a color-coded map indicating the risk level per area, is a joint work between the ...

Health Ministry is Collecting Travelers’ PII on an Unofficial Website

9 months ago
A friend of mine was traveling to Beirut two days ago, when he was asked to fill out an online survey as required by the Health Ministry. When he went in to check out the ...

Lebanon has No Choice But To Go Back into Lockdown Mode

10 months ago
The government has failed, the Health & Interior Ministries have failed miserably, the media failed and the people have failed too in respecting the COVID-19 guidelines. However, now is not the time to play the ...

Safest Countries for COVID-19: UAE Ranks 11th, Lebanon 77th

11 months ago
A report on the top 100 safest countries for COVID-19 was issued by the Deep Knowledge Group, a consortium of companies and nonprofits owned by Deep Knowledge Ventures, an investment firm founded in 2014 in ...