TAQA is an ISO-certified Lebanese bakery that produces nutritious and delicious healthy snacks that are wheat-free, corn free, soy free, and GMO-free, palm oil free. TAQA has been growing exponentially since 2016 and can be found in all shops in Lebanon, as well as shops in Qatar and Cote D’Ivoire.

TAQA takes pride in being an environment friendly business and organized for that sake the “Open Water Swim Traverse from Cyprus to Lebanon” back in October 2019 to raise awareness against the usage of single use plastics. The traverse was completed by a team of six swimmers (Jad El Ghosn, Diane Boulos, Mary Anne Ballouz, May Timani, and Martin Mougharbil) in addition to TAQA’S founder Soumaya Merhi, and took 51 HOURS AND 50 MINUTES which means that each participant swam an average of 30km; equivalent to 3 marathons in 2.2 days!

This marks the very first open water non-stop relay swim from Cyprus to Lebanon, and TAQA is celebrating this accomplishment by releasing a short movie produced by TAQA and directed by Edwin el Bainou.

Check it out and if you haven’t had any of TAQA’s snacks yet, you’re missing out big time! My favorites have always been the Oat Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie ones.