EDZ Hilarious Post-Corona Ad

How to promote wearing masks in the funniest and wittiest way? Watch EDZ latest ad 😁. Let's hope they won't get robbed of thee 24/7 electricity, especially after the planned takeover by EDL next year.

Bakeries That Make a Better Ka’ake than Abou Arab

Update: Abou Arab is not shutting down. I love Kaak and I loved Abou Arab, I think almost everyone did for its quick service and convenience despite knowing hygiene wasn't its strongest point. Yesterday, Abou Arab declared it is shutting down all its branches in Lebanon until further notice, which is quite unfortunate, but let's take the positive out of it and support other shops, mainly Lebanese ones, selling Kaak. Most Lebanese bakeries make their…

Anghami Co-Founder Leading by Example To Resolve Twitter Spat

Some bigoted twitter users were pressuring Anghami yesterday to fire an employee because of a personal tweet she wrote, and went as far as ask to boycott Anghami. Inciting personal damage in such difficult times is unacceptable by all means and no calls should be made by ANY party to boycott this or that over a political opinion. This being said, I will not resort to name-calling and dig deeper into this matter, as Anghami…

Interior Ministry Will Fine People LL50,000 For Not Wearing Masks

If you're going out for a walk in public and are not wearing a mask, you will be fined LL50,000. This decision takes effect starting Friday the 29th of May and the Interior Ministry is even asking people to report via their hotline 112 anyone who is not respecting the guidelines. On the same day, the Ministry of Health, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, announced that one million face masks will be distributed…

Despite The Ongoing Scandals, The Lebanese Government is Keeping The Sonatrach Contract

1 week ago
The Lebanese government has decided last Tuesday to honor its contract with Algerian state energy firm Sonatrach until the end of the year, despite the latest scandals rocking this file. Just to give you a ...

There’s No LL500,000 Bill (Yet)

1 week ago
There’s a LL500,000 bill circulating online for the past week or so, but it’s actually an old LL50,000 special edition bill that was released by BDL and photoshopped after. However, I think it’s only a ...

Order Lebanese Delicacies This Eid – Hallab is Shipping for $1 Only!

2 weeks ago
If you’re abroad and craving authentic Lebanese delicacies, Hallab 1881 is running a $1 shipping promotion on its international online store. Unfortunately the selection is limited especially the Ashta-based delicacies, which is understandable but you ...

The Worst Video Clip of 2020?

2 weeks ago
Who would have though someone might overthrow Rola Yammout for the worst and most disturbing video clips ever? Well there you go. We have a winner and his name is Star Dodi. If you wish ...