Should Expats Visit Lebanon This Summer to Ease Its Financial Crisis?

The answer would obviously be YES in any other time, but it's not that simple given the circumstances Lebanon is going through right now. While expats will bring in "fresh" dollars, they will also increase demands for imports and will be consuming subsidized goods, mainly gas, which will harm the economy rather than benefit it. We are already draining our reserves to subsidize gas and food and other necessities supposedly for those still getting paid…

Lebanese Taking Part in The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics are expected to be held from 23 July to 8 August 2021 in Tokyo, and there are so far 6 confirmed Lebanese athletes taking part in the the XXXII Olympiad. Here's the list of competitors along with their sport: Judo: Nacif Elias [Men's −81 kg[ Athletics: Noureddine Hadid Shooting: Ray Bassil Swimming: Munzer Kabbara Gabriella Doueihy Weightlifting: Mahassen Fattouh Photo Credits: sportscode

Funds Held by Lebanese in Swiss Banks Up By $2.7 Billion in 2020

EM Economist & Former and previous Director of the Geo-economics and Strategy Programme Alia Moubayed shared some insightful figures this week on the surge in funds held by Lebanese in Swiss Banks since 2019. According to the above chart, "funds have surged on the year by nearly 6.46bn francs...the highest sum since Swiss National Bank began releasing the data, in 1996". The surge in Swiss banks funds was accompanied by a drop in Lebanese…

Buy Local!

Lebanon doesn't produce much and imports most of its basic needs, but there are still plenty of Lebanese brands that we should support and that are proudly competing with imported products. The video below was produced by and aims at promoting and encouraging local competitive brands. Here are the brands featured in this video: * @agrifresh * @ainelakl * @arakfarid * @celinehomemadedelights * @convivioleb * @darmmess * @delic40 * @eshmoonholistics * @fertaike * @j.grove.lebanon…

Mahassen Hala: Lebanon’s First Female Olympic Weightlifter

1 month ago
Mahassen Hala will be the first woman to represent Lebanon internationally in Olympic Weightlifting after having earned the first international medal for Lebanon in the Women’s Olympic Weightlifting at the 2018 Mediterranean Games. She was ...

NowLebanon is Back

1 month ago
With all these newspapers shutting down in Lebanon, it’s good to see NowLebanon was brought back to life. For those who remember it, Now Lebanon was was one of the leading news sources in Lebanon ...

Glenbey Scotch Whisky: Born in Scotland, Raised in Lebanon

1 month ago
Ets. Antoine Massoud & Domaine Des Tourelles have recently launched Glenbey: The first ever Scotch whiskey with a Lebanese Signature. Glenbey is a blended scotch made from a mixture of barley malt and wheat and ...

France Considering a Currency Board For Lebanon

1 month ago
Annahar reported yesterday that the French President is considering establishing a currency board for Lebanon in case everything falls apart. Talks about a currency board had emerged earlier this year when Steve H. Hanke, an ...