Basketball – Lebanon delays World Cup qualification to home soil after couple of losses

When we won against China on September 14 on home soil, we were comfortably poised to qualify for the FIBA 2019 World Cup in the Asian section. 3 months later, and after a painful nailbiting loss against New Zealand , we find ourselves counting on Jordan to continue failing miserably in the group E to snatch the final qualification spot, after dismal losses against Korea and China these past few days. Somehow, we felt it…

Facebook appoints Lebanese Ramez Shehadi as its managing director for the MENA region

In a press release issued on November 20, Facebook has announced the appointment of Lebanese Ramez Shehadi, as its managing director for the Middle East and North Africa region. Shehadi has been an outstanding entrepreneur, with a wide experience with some top international firms, occupying positions most notably as Senior Partner and Managing Director of the MENA portfolio of Booz Allen Hamilton, Lead Partner of the MENA Digital Business and Technology practice of Booz &…

Tennis Legend Rafael Nadal endorses 11-year-old Lebanese Marc Krajekian in Fight for Cancer

Rafael Nadal has accepted, via Twitter, a challenge proposed by an 11-year-old Lebanese by the name of Marc Krajekian, similar to the trendy 2014 "Ice bucket challenge", dubbed the "Volleying challenge". He was nominated alongside the boy's hero, Roger Federer and the NBA star Michael Jordan. It aims at showing support and solidarity with cancer patients, among whom Marc was. Diagnosed at 8 with a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer, Ewing sarcoma, Marc,…

#AFEMENA: The Difference Between Flirting and Harassment

The Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality has launched 16 days of activism against Gender based violence and is sharing very powerful and insightful videos to help people understand the difference between flirt and sexual harassment and demand for policies that protect from sexual harassment at work. Check out one of the videos and spread the word:

Have you Heard about IDD?

1 week ago
Look up IDD or #InternetDeficitDisorder online and you’ll find a page explaining this new phenomenon that’s affecting a lot of Lebanese whenever internet starts acting up. I’m not sure if this is a joke or ...
Animals & Wildlife

Boar Weighing 300Kg Killed in #Lebanon

1 week ago
I’ve read on three different media sources that a wild boar weighing over 300 kilos was killed somewhere in Lebanon. One source said in Hasbaya, the other in Marj el Zouhour and another said somewhere ...

FIA President Jean Todt in #Beirut

1 week ago
FIA President Todt was visiting Beirut for the second time in two years. He met with President Aoun and Prime Minister Hariri and they discussed on ways to advance road safety, sustainable mobility and motorsport ...

Taking an Ethical Approach in Reporting/Talking about a Crime

2 weeks ago
We were all saddened to hear about the death of #GavinFord yesterday, and shocked to hear afterwards that he was murdered in his own apartment. Unfortunately, and instead of showing respect to the victim and ...