Stray Bullet Shootings in Lebanon Kills & Injures at Least 23 People Yearly

According to a study by Information International, a Beirut-based independent regional research & consultancy firm, stray bullet shootings kill 8 people and injure 15 yearly in Lebanon. The numbers are based on data acquired from the security forces between 2013 and 2023. The latest victim of stray bullet shooting was a young girl who was playing in her school's playground. Naya Hanna was hit in the head and succumbed to her wounds after 23 days.…

Leading Lebanese Media Issue Powerful Joint Statement Against Hate Speech

LBC, MTV, Al Jadeed, Annahar, Nidaa Al Watan, L'Orient Lejour, Raseef22, Daraj, the Legal Agenda and other leading newspapers & media outlets in Lebanon issued a powerful joint statement yesterday condemning the "hate speech and incitement campaigns against sexual minorities, orchestrated by politicians and clerics looking for easy scapegoats." The statement started by the following: "We reject the rhetoric of homophobia or homophobia and all the incitement and discriminatory rhetoric against sexual minorities, which extremist…

“Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn” Now Playing on Apple TV

Apple TV released today a series on Carlos Ghosn entitled “Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn”. The four-episode series tells the tale of the Brazilian-French-Lebanese businessman and how he managed to escape from Japan by hiding in a box. Netflix released earlier this year a similar series however Ghosn is interviewed in the Apple series which makes it far more interesting. You can watch it .

Beirut Blast Survey Reveals 25% of Residents Did Not Return

A survey by Beirut Urban Lab exploring the aspects of life in Beirut ruptured by the blast in 2020, has shown that the occupancy rate stood at 54% for eight sub-neighborhood residential clusters located in neighborhoods of the city that were severely affected by the Port explosion. In addition to that, a quarter of the residents did not return after the blast, while half the residents who received NGO assistance mentioned they were dissatisfied with…

Jnoud el Rab Are Ok But Stand-up Comedy is a National Threat

3 months ago
Hundreds of thugs identifying themselves as soldiers of God (“Jnoud El-Rab”) attacked partygoers at a bar, beating them up, threatening the owner and destroying furniture. How did the security forces respond? They stopped them from ...

Snakes & Ladders Promote Homosexuality According to Education Minister Abbas Halabi

3 months ago
Our Education Minister has unveiled a dangerous conspiracy aimed at promoting homosexuality to Lebanese children through the “Snakes & Ladders” Game. The game which is presented within the “Kitabi – My Book”, a project funded ...

Riad Salameh Making Sure He Remains Untouchable

3 months ago
Lebanon’s former Central Bank governor left his office with a Zaffé and is nowhere to be found ever since. He’s supposedly still in the country given the travel bans imposed on him and international arrest ...

Ashraf Rifi Has a Problem With Lesbians

3 months ago
Back in 2014, a judge bravely dismissed a case against a transgender woman on the basis that article 534, which prohibits sexual relations that “contradict the laws of nature”, cannot be used against homosexuals. This ...