Surviving on $4 a Day

UNDP shared yesterday a powerful poverty stunt where bank cardholders were only able to withdraw $4 or its equivalent LL6000 from ATMs. When the bank's officer showed up to listen to their complaints, he asked them if they needed more than $4 to survive the day, which obviously took the customers by surprise. According to 2018 stats, 30% of the Lebanese population live on less than 4$/day or 120$/month and around 300,000 are considered extremely…

Capernaum is on Netflix!

I posted recently on Lebanese movies available to watch on Netflix and Capernaum wasn't there. I saw someone post on Facebook today that it's there so I checked again and found it! If you haven't seen Nadine Labaki's masterpiece yet, here's your chance to do so.

Movie Review: The Lion King [2019]

The Lion King was the first-ever movie I bought as a videocassette. I even bought the booklet and collected all the stickers back then. Even though it's been released some 25 years ago, I still enjoy watching it from time to time especially with my nephews and nieces. This being said, Disney has recently released a remake of the original one, practically a carbon copy with a shift from animation to reality and I finally…

Greater Beirut Public Transport Project

Over the past few years, congestion in and out of Beirut has been a major issue. Over 600,000 vehicles access Beirut from the North, South and East regions. Some solutions have included public transport but as Ziad El-Nakat, Senior Transport Specialist at the World Bank, stated: "The available public transport in Lebanon is of low-quality and people are reluctant to use it", which comes as no surprise. According to Nakat, developing more roads is not…

Trash Crisis In the North: No Solution In Sight

1 week ago
There does not seem to be a solution for Lebanon’s waste management crisis in the North. This pressing issue has resulted in streets full of trash and a harmful atmosphere for over 300,000 thousand residents. ...

A Dream Reborn: Lebanon’s First Satellite

1 week ago
In the early 1960s, a small group of students from Haigazian University led by their Mathematics professor, Manoug Manougian, founded the Lebanese Rocket Society. After three years of research and trials, they were able to ...

Weekend Stay at Rocca Marina

2 weeks ago
As far as going to the beach in the North, I usually chose Batroun. I was planning with a couple of friends a weekend getaway a couple of weeks ago and our choice fell on ...

Zaatar W Zeit Drops Plastic Straws

2 weeks ago
Zaatar W Zeit announced on Instagram that it is dropping all plastic straws from all dine-in, takeaway and delivery orders. This comes as part of ZWZ’s 20 years celebration as they’re launching #therealgreen as part ...