Old Lebanese Ads

I took a small break from covering the revolution news and found myself going through vintage Lebanese ads on YouTube. I thought I have seen them all but I found some "new" old ones. Enjoy!

Lebanon Might Lose Internet Access by March

As if things weren't bad enough, Ogero head warned today that we might get disconnected from the net if the Lebanese authorities don't secure 4 million dollars to pay the ISP providers or the companies managing the cables I'm not sure. First we don't pay the UN our membership fees and now we're at risk of losing the internet if we don't pay up. I really want to believe that this is far-fetched but our…

Lebanese Lira Exchange Rate Websites CANNOT Be Trusted

I've seen a lot of websites and even a mobile app pop up in the past weeks, showcasing the fluctuating LBP rates exchange by the day and even by the hour. The likes of LebaneseLira.net, LebaneseLira.org, Lirarate.com and others all pretend to derive prices from local exchangers and compute the average. There's no such thing as crowdsourced data and reliable sources when it comes to the Lebanese Lira, especially when the market is being run…

Three Months Later, Politicians Still Don’t Give a Sh*t About People’s Demands

Who would have thought we'd have a revolution still going strong after three months? Who would have thought people would be taking the streets and shaming politicians anywhere they go? One thing we knew for sure is that politicians in Lebanon don't care about the people, and they're proving it more and more every day. Instead of stopping their salaries, working day and night to form a rescue government, show that they are willing to…

Towards A Just Lebanon

1 week ago
For all those still wondering what this revolution stands for and what are their demands and goal, and more importantly the steps to get there, AUB’s Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs ...

Few Words on Philippe Ziade

2 weeks ago
Let me start by saying that I had no idea who this guy was until a couple of weeks ago. I had heard the name before in some real estate success story but didn’t give ...

#Lebanon Loses Right to Vote at UN General Assembly

2 weeks ago
As of January 9th, Lebanon has lost the right to vote at the United Nationals General Assembly after failing to pay its membership contribution for the past two years. Six other countries including Tonga, Venezuela, ...

Did Metropolis Beirut Shut Down For Good?

2 weeks ago
When the October 17 revolution begun, Metropolis issued a statement suspending all its activities until further notice in solidarity with the uprising, but three months later, Annahar reported that the theater has shut down for ...