BASE jump From Habtoor Hotel Roof

Lebanese Extreme sports athlete Mikel Khalil shared few weeks back a video on Insta where he's BASE jumping from the roof of the Habtoor hotel. I haven't heard of him before, but he has some pretty cool stunts on his Insta. Check them out . The last time someone BASE jumped off a hotel roof in Lebanon was at the Four Seasons in Beirut. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mikel Khalil

Have You Tried Worldle? NOT Wordle!

I'm sure everyone has played wordle at least once so far, and if you're hooked on it like myself, you've probably tried the French version, the Arabic version or even the unlimited version. However, there's an even better game out there, for all geography fans, where you need to guess the country based on the map provided. Every time you enter a country, it tells you how far off you are from the correct one…

Tokyo Restaurant – Beirut

I love discovering or reading about old gems in Beirut and I'm surprised I had never heard about Tokyo restaurant until today. In fact, I passed right next to it countless times but for some reason never spotted the sign. Tokyo restaurant was apparently one of Beirut's most popular Japanese restaurants in the 1990s, and if we were to believe some comments, Walid Jumblatt's favorite spot. Source: According to The Beirut Banyan, Tokyo was…

El-Shark Newspaper Must Apologize To Ukrainian citizens

This is not the first time El-Shark posts offensive and insulting material, but this time they overstepped their boundaries. At times where Ukrainians are living in fear of a Russian invasion and are standing together to face this imminent threat, Al Shark thought it would be "funny" to share a fake UNHCR poster asking people to adopt a Ukrainian to protect her from Russians, and above all they used a Russian model's picture. The Embassy…

“Picture Perfect”, A Children’s Book Commemorating Beirut Blast’s 3-Year Old Victim Alexandra Najjar

6 months ago
I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for Najla el Khatib to try and write down her sister’s story, but I can only admire her courage and perseverance in coming up with this ...

A 1930 Railroad Map of Lebanon

6 months ago
Urban Planner & L’Orient LeJour Feature Reporter Mohamed el Chamaa shared this amazing historic map of rail links in Lebanon (via Elena Haddad, The Chain Effect co-founder). As you can see, the rails covered all ...

Carl Bechstein Foundation Donates 16 Pianos To The Beirut National Conservatory

6 months ago
The Carl Bechstein Foundation has gifted the Beirut National Conservatory six grand pianos and ten uprights valued at over 300,000 Euros, in an attempt to help the Conservatory resume its lessons, following the damages caused ...

Energy Minister Promises Electricity 24/7 by 2025/2026

6 months ago
Twelve years ago, we were promised 24/7 electricity by Lebanon’s energy minister at the time Gebran Bassil, but we all know how that went. This week, Energy Minister Walid Fayyad mentioned during an interview with ...