Is Lebanon Managing Well The COVID19 Crisis?

According to the chart published today by the AUB Global Health Institute, Lebanon is relatively doing much better than other countries, such as Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Greece and Bahrain, in containing #COVID19 till now. The chart compares the number of reported cases in each country and shows a slower trend for Lebanon, which is encouraging but a bit misleading for three reasons: - The study does not take into account the population in…

Ten Fun Shows You Can Enjoy with Your Kids

My wife & I are usually very strict about screen time, allowing the boys barely an hour per day even on weekends, but with schools and daycare closing because of the new coronavirus and parents being forced to work remotely, more screen time is inevitable. I'm not very familiar with all the kid-friendly channels out there, but I've discovered over the past two years few YouTube channels & shows that we, as parents, enjoyed watching…

Banks To Close Until the 29th of March

The Association of Banks in Lebanon went against the government's decision and decided to close all banks until the 29th of March in light of the COVID19 crisis. The decision was taken according to ABL to ensure the safety of employees, clients and their families. Banks will continue to replenish fully their ATMs and ITMs , and will perform all operations related to payroll processing, urgent transfers of funds, or issuance of cards. I am…

Lebanon COVID19 Lockdown Leaves Streets Deserted

As the number of coronavirus cases surpassed 100 today, Lebanese have opted to stay home and leave the streets deserted. In the mean time, the government is expected to declare a national emergency today as they convene at Baabda Palace. Here are few pictures taken in several areas. Credits to Nabil Ismail, Mohamad Najem & AFP. The past time streets were that empty was during the 2006 war. Photo Credits: Mohamad Najem

What Happened on the MEA Riyadh-Beirut Flight?

1 week ago
A video was circulating earlier today showing a brawl on the Mea flight coming from Riyadh. First rumors spread that some passengers were removing their masks and jokingly coughing at others but that’s not true. ...

Thermal Scanners Deployed at Rafic Hariri International Airport

2 weeks ago
The Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon tweeted earlier today pictures of two human temperature measuring equipments donated by Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd and deployed at the airport. This will help the authorities measure temperatures without ...

Energy Ministry Sets Fixed Gas Prices Despite Worldwide Drop

2 weeks ago
Oil prices are crashing worldwide due to the coronavirus spread and after Saudi Arabia launched an oil price war against Russia. Brent crude futures, the global oil benchmark, were down 22%, last trading at $35.45 ...

COVID-19: We Need to Change Our Behavior To Avoid An Emergency Lockdown

2 weeks ago
“Cancel Everything: Social distancing is the only way to stop the coronavirus.We must start immediately“. That was the title of one of the coronavirus-related articles on The Atlantic today and it’s hard to disagree with ...