Library Inaugurated at the Verdun Women Prison

The Ministry of Culture, with the help of the ISF & Interior Ministry, inaugurated a new library at the Barbar El Khazen prison for women in Verdun. The initiative is part of an ongoing project to provide inmates with better facilities and improve prison conditions in Lebanon. Prisons in Lebanon are all extremely overcrowded and their state was once described as "a disgrace and dark record of Lebanon in the field of human rights", as…

Remembering Rene Bandali’s Songs

Rene Bandali, Lebanese composer and songwriter, and the man behind The Bandali family, has passed away at the age of 70 in Tripoli. Bandali has over 200 songs to his name and shot to fame in the 1980s for performing with his family. Some of their biggest hits were "Do You Love Me", "Tanka Tanka", "Wardeh Hamra", "Baba", "3touna el Toufouli" and many more. His daughter, Remi Bandali, became famous after singing worldwide for her…

Lebanon’s Women Football Team Crowned 2019 West Asia Champions!

The U-18 Lebanese Women's football team won the West Asia Championship today after defeating Bahrain 3-0. The Lebanese team has been impressive throughout the whole tournament and quite exceptional in attack scoring 10 goals in their first three matches in the group stage, and adding another four in the semi-final win against Palestine. Leila Sikandar won the championship's top scorer award, and the Lebanese team won the Fair Play award. Awesome news and congrats to…

Best 2019 Lebanon Pictures by Kameel Rayess

Check out these stunning aerial shots of Lebanon by the lens of Kameel Rayess. I added 10 pictures and you can check out the rest =68.ARCze41TdpPzRdrM3gzrI5dnH3_klt3A3218cE6Q0fLGlUr3QGBg6RWByq41by2FTE8Jo3-VtirYabrVGypulR9mL8AzG74rMOxaINpI5YHFtGlMzuGfJ4-1EVnI33lgE4qb1dM3-Hfa96w3XHgqjDrYgtjetFcIDKjY_tUhS7Ts0YE_yJszNiuYxjZgz97W7V2x7mdujJS3SBqGwLHAUaI33NgUWIcdkIAdclvuFyT2Qrk38bXH2kQG2xNY55RkR_yNGyLXFNpZo8Kre6iKmSuaDAgzq2slmi7m4ozEkYuFhL-jHYkh_KM_k2PhjQ4sGIUueAE2cirJh7PyGAclxGfdIq3Smk9F3RBr6CBbQcg9ad9PwsPzS3rNQ8LDStqAYyPJxBriB74H75or1UDZjvurP_wWW3Kae0137-_VTQPmxgM9CPh5v605bcXQoRrrWjUMHgSIdHo1TrXk-tOUlg11KrtL9grqV43hqQznts2RQqYCedFE3N0WXOKSNJLAfAm1Qy0r9406ffHcxYyYb0CqrjBtxSB_5jytoMO4YGY&__tn__=-R" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">here].

Stop Attacking Bank Employees, It’s Wrong & Useless

3 weeks ago
This is not a post to defend banks in Lebanon or undermine their role in the monetary and economic crisis, nor a post to criticize protesters and what the revolution has achieved so far. There ...

Carlos Ghosn to Hold Press Conference on Jan 8

3 weeks ago
No one still knows how Carlos Ghosn managed to slip past the cameras set at his house, past the police and border control in Japan and Turkey all the way to Beirut. The sure thing ...

#Lebanon Has The 20th Largest Gold Reserve WorldWide

3 weeks ago
New reports are emerging on which country has the largest gold reserves in the world, with Lebanon ranked 20th worldwide with 286.84 tons of gold and second largest (After Saudi Arabia) in the Middle East. ...

Get Ready for an Epic NYE 2019 Party in Beirut

3 weeks ago
An epic NYE party will take place tomorrow in Beirut starting 7 PM. The party is free of charge and open to all who wish to celebrate the end of 2019 and the start of ...