When You Don’t Want the Authorities to Know You’re Selling Dollars

Everyone is selling & buying dollars in Lebanon and the easiest way to do so if you're not a licensed exchanger is through WhatsApp groups. The black market is booming and those trading via WhatsApp are figuring out new ways to trick the authorities, that are presumably monitoring groups and arresting those trading illegally. Check them out in the video below, it's quite hilarious but overall a sad state of affairs. People are lining up…

The “Wasta” Game

There's a new Lebanese board game in town and it's called Wasta. The game consists of several cards, including a police officer , a bank, a thug , your mom , your neighbor politician, judge and others. The rules are explained in the video below: You can contact for more info on how to get the game.

Why Can’t We Trace Those Injected Fresh Dollars by the BDL?

There are no dollars available to buy in the market today. BDL is expected to inject fresh dollars soon but we all know that there's no point in doing so as this is like putting a band-aid to stop a crumbling dam from leaking. The BDL is running low on dollars, the banks as well and whatever dollars they can get their hands on will be used to finance the purchase of essential foods and…

Latest Cabinet Appointments Must Be Recalled

Prime Minister Diab is all over the place and he just shot himself in the leg twice this week, first by approving key appointments that do not follow the guidelines recently approved by the parliament, and second by hinting at removing Central Bank governor from his position following the currency peg's implosion. If this cabinet has any chance of survival, it must recall its latest appointments, which are disgraceful and pitiful to say the least.…

Politicians Vs Outspoken Activists: Choose Your Battles Wisely

1 month ago
Is it ok to swear at politicians? Is profanity allowed when addressing ruling parties that have made our lives miserable for the past 30 years and more? Why is it ok for them to swear ...

#McDonaldsCares: A Golden Card To Honor Health Care Heroes

1 month ago
Solidarity is the only way forward to overcome COVID-19 and we’ve seen tons of awesome initiatives in Lebanon by various businesses, NGOs and even on an individual level. Health front-liners, from nursing, doctors, administrative teams, ...

US Dollar Now Trading At LL4,500 in Black Market

1 month ago
The Central Bank, as expected, has failed to control the currency peg’s implosion despite his recent promises to launch an online platform for exchange officers and start providing dollars. No one in his right mind ...

Weekly Cabinet Meeting Rescheduled To Appoint Amal’s Candidate Before His 40th Birthday

1 month ago
In this week’s WTF news, Hassan Diab’s so-called technocrats cabinet has decided to reschedule their weekly Thursday session to be held on Wednesday for one reason: Amal’s candidate to the Ministry of Economy, Mohammad Abou ...