Mia Khalifa is no stranger to controversies and she’s always making a buzz on social media channels for all sorts of reasons. When she first emerged as a porn star, some of her tattoos caused a controversy as one was the opening line of the National Anthem of Lebanon and the other was a Lebanese Forces Cross. She then showed in an adult movie wearing a Hijab which upset many religious groups. More recently, her stance in the past few months on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict got her fired but she stuck to her position and gained a lot of people’s respect.

Few days ago, Khalifa finally revealed her original name, which is Sarah Joe Chamoun, and added it to her insta profile. We all knew she was Lebanese but not much information was available about her family, except that they stopped talking to her after she got into the adult films industry.

Now we wait for the Chamouns to ban her from the family 😀