Sports Photographer Akl Yazbeck has won the 11th edition of the Émilie-Poucan Award at the 2021 Dakar Rally that was held in Saudi Arabia. The jury this year exceptionally chose two photos for the award, one for Akl and the other for Charly Lopez shown below. 31 photographers took part in the contest.

Emilie Poucan was a press attaché on the Dakar until 2010, when she was a victim of a plane crash on the way back from South Africa on the day of her 32nd birthday. This competition was created in 2011 to pay homage to her.

Photo Credits: Charly Lopez

Akl Yazbeck is also the head of Photography at Sportscode images and a Red Bull Photographer. He covered last year’s Rally Dakar edition, as well as Le Mans 24 hour races, Red Bull drifting events and more.

His pictures speak for themselves, follow him [here].

Photo Credits: Akl Yazbeck
Photo Credits: Akl Yazbeck