Every city has flea markets and Souk el Ahad was Beirut’s most popular flea market, but not for long. There’s been talks for months now about shutting down and relocating Souk el Ahad and they’ve already started the process weirdly enough by painting over all over the Souk el Ahad murals.

Relocating Souk el Ahad is understandable but why destroy the artwork of tens of local and international artists? These artists have been working since 2009 to beautify these walls and add a “touch of color to a neighborhood so desperately grey”. Why didn’t the authorities bother get in touch with these artists first?

And not that I was a fan of Soul el Ahad, but replacing it with a “Souk Al Ahad Village” sounds like another project doomed to fail. Why don’t they come up with a green space and a kids playground for everyone to enjoy? Is it a crime to add a couple of trees to beautify the city? Does t always have to be fancy restaurants and arguile places?