The Lebanese Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) announced during a press conference two days ago a list of Lebanon’s most and least polluted beaches. Based on the report findings, 14 beaches were tested and found safe for swimming:
1- Tyre
2- Naqqoura
3- Jbeil (2 beaches)
4- Batroun
5- Fidar
6- Tabarja
7- Anfeh
8- Okaibeh
9- Maamaltein
10- Damour
11- Ain el Mraysse
12- Tripoli
13- Menieh

As for Lebanon’s most polluted beaches, with some having alarming pollution rates:

1- Ramleh el Baida
2- Manara
3- Saida
4- Rmeileh
5- Antelias
6- Dbayyeh
7- Salaata
8- Herri
9- Mina Tripoli
10- Kloaiaat
11- Sarafand

To be honest, I’m not really sure how trustworthy these studies are. How is it possible that Ain el Mraysse is considered safe for swimming while Manara & Ramlet el Baida aren’t? The only safe beaches I’d go to are the Tyre & Anfeh/Batroun/Okaibeh ones.

You can find the full list [here].