We Need More Apple Picking Venues in Lebanon

Every year since the Syrian crisis began, Lebanese apple farmers are in crisis. They're unable sell their apple and exporting them is too costly. Every year, farmers have no choice but to leave their apples to rot and their orchards abandoned. There are several initiatives being taken to reduce the crop wastage, from turning apple to cider, or coming up with apple-based products but the problem is still there. One thing that caught my attention…

Weekend Stay at Rocca Marina

As far as going to the beach in the North, I usually chose Batroun. I was planning with a couple of friends a weekend getaway a couple of weeks ago and our choice fell on Rocca Marina mainly because of that stunning aerial shot of the resort that went viral on Instagram a while back. We also heard good reviews about the place and we weren't disappointed at all, except for the fact that it…

The First Public Beach in Jounieh?

8 months ago
This may come as a surprise to some, but Jounieh doesn’t have any public beaches. For a city that has one of the largest bays in Lebanon, you’d expect to see few free public beaches ...

A Breathtaking Lookout Spot in Sir el Donnieh

8 months ago
Syr el Donnieh is often described as North Lebanon’s Forgotten Gem. It is the largest village in the Denniyeh area and is known for its stunning landscapes, hike and bike trails, woodlands and orchards. Three ...

Cheesy Song to Promote Tourism in Lebanon

8 months ago
I like the idea behind this video clip to include politicians and artists and it’s nicely shot (even though the majority of scenes are taken from past events) but can the lyrics get cheesier than ...

Lebanese Expats are Key to Promoting Tourism in #Lebanon

8 months ago
I’m not a fan of the current Tourism Minister, not because I have something against him but simply because of his short-sighted and inefficient tourism strategies. I don’t really blame him though, since he was ...

Uruguay Street is Back

8 months ago
Three years after shutting down, Beirut’s Uruguay Street was reopened for business last week. The street was renovated and reopened with nine new pubs and bars including Wicked, Sugar Fish, Monkey Bar, Mojito, Duval, LA ...

Low-cost Irish Airlines Ryanair establishes new Beirut-Cyprus Route starting October

8 months ago
A lot of low-cost airlines have been recently expressing interest in Beirut, to be added to their destinations. The latest of these is Ryanair, the Irish airlines which has been booming during the last few ...

2019 List of Safe Beaches in Lebanon

9 months ago
The Lebanese Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) announced during a press conference two days ago a list of Lebanon’s most and least polluted beaches. Based on the report findings, 14 beaches were tested and found ...

Sunexpress airlines to link Beirut to 3 German cities starting this June

10 months ago
A joint venture of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, Sunexpress, a company based between Germany and Turkey, has taken over where broken Germania left off in February, compensating for the loss of direct flights made by ...