Lebanese artist Jorj Abou Mhaya has won the 8th Mahmoud Kahil Award under the Graphic Novel Category. The award was created in 2014 and is aimed at promoting comics, editorial cartoons and illustration in the Arab world through the recognition of the rich talent and creative achievement of artists from the region. “Mahmoud Kahil award is part of the Mu’taz & Rada Sawwaf Arabic Comics Initiative an academic body for the study of Arabic Comics at the American University of Beirut”.

I’ve been following Jorj for many years now, especially following the 2019 revolution in Lebanon and his brilliant comics on the Lebanese political scene. He is an accomplished designer, painter, cartoonist and illustrator and has published his own graphic novel back in 2012 (Ville avoisinant la terre). Last year, Jorj produced with a group of talented Lebanese Alephia 2053: the first dystopian animation movie produced in Lebanon.

Congrats to Jorj and all the winners!