#RamadanLens is a yearly online photography exhibit for the holy month, aiming to display a Ramadan-themed picture on a daily basis throughout the month with a short backstory. Our friend and Tripoli-based photographer Natheer Halawani has been featuring pictures yearly showing how Tripolitans celebrate the holy month, whether it’s through prayers, Iftars, gatherings or just everyday life pictures.

Unfortunately, there are no Ramadan vibes this year in Tripoli due to ongoing protests including the most recent bloody clashes with the security forces, the COVID-19 pandemic and a worsening economic crisis. As a result, this year’s #Ramadanlens has sadly turned into dark-themed photos reflecting the dire situation the city, and the whole country, are in.

All photos and captions are by Natheer Halawani.

Hope and Despair on a Tripolitan balcony.

Protests around the city have unearthed a massive amount of anger towards not only banks, but anything that belongs to an institution in the country, meaning the Lebanese right now has trust in literally nothing. Picture taken seconds after the fire was put down in a juridical court vehicle.

Several bank branches around Saht Al Noor were burnt down a few nights ago, as protesters were making a stand against banks, the main culprits in the current financial situation.

Protesters and The Army engage in a quarrel in one of the ancient quarters of Tripoli.