Soha Ghandour’s Tyre Photo Among iPhone Photography Awards 2018 Winners

The iPhone Photography Awards , a world wide competition aimed at recognizing photographers for their iPhone skills since 2008, revealed the 2018 list of winning photographers and photographs which included Lebanese Soha Ghandour. Soha is a self-taught photographer who was selected as a finalist of the Byblos Bank Photography Award back in 2016, after which she decided to become a full-time photographer. Ghandour's picture of Tyre was shot with an iPhone 5 and was awarded…

Lebanon’s “Service” Drivers Through the Lens of Ghaleb Cababe

I love Ghaleb's work and the latest is a series of portraits of taxi drivers in Lebanon. The right term here is "Service" not taxi, which is still quite popular in Lebanon and consists of cabs picking up as many people as they can on their way. Each car has its own character and every driver has his own special way of entertaining his passengers. Check out the full gallery .

The Story Behind This Iconic Lebanese Civil War Picture Shot 33 years Ago

1 year ago
With April 13, the remembrance day of Lebanon’s war, approaching, I found this intriguing article posted by the Guardian on a Lebanese Photographer called Maher Attar who got reunited with the one-legged mother that he ...

Moophz’s Complete Galactic Plane Featured as NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day

1 year ago
Lebanese Astrophotographer Moophz has been producing some awesome shots over the years, yet his latest attempt at achieving a complete perspective of the galactic plane observed throughout all year long has earned him a special ...

Stunning Beirut Shot From Ski Slopes Causing Controversy: Fake or Real?

1 year ago
The picture above was shared few days ago by an amateur photographer on Instagram (@mikeroscopik) and shared by Live Love Beirut. Almost every comment is calling this picture fake and it does look photoshopped but ...

In Pictures: Abandoned Windsor Hotel – Aley

1 year ago
Our friend and talented photographer Jad Ghorayeb [FB] [Insta] paid a visit to yet another abandoned hotel in Lebanon, the Windsor Hotel in Aley. Hotel Windsor was built by J. and W. Takla, and officially ...

Awesome Beirut 360-degree Shot

1 year ago
Check out this beautiful 360-degree shot of Beirut. You can closely check out DownTown Beirut as well as its surroundings. It was captured by Maher Iskandar who has been shooting some awesome drone shots and ...

Pictures from the Lebanese War by Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer Bill Foley

1 year ago
I’m always on the lookout for pictures from the Lebanese Civil war and my latest finding is Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Bill Foley. I remember seeing a couple of Foley pictures online in past years but ...

2017 Byblos Bank Award for Photography: My Two Favorite Photos

2 years ago
Every year at the Beirut Art Fair, I make sure to drop by Byblos Bank’s stand to check out photos of the Byblos Bank Award for Photography finalists. The annual award was launched in 2012 ...

In Pictures: Ibrahim Shaker Palace – Ras Al Jabal / Aley

2 years ago
Saudi business magnate Ibrahim Shaker had his villa built in one of the most strategic locations in Aley in the 1950s. Shaker was a business pioneer in Saudi Arabia and a member of the Administrative ...