As if Lebanese aren’t struggling enough to complete their immigration papers, some guy called Talal Al-Douaihy, president of the NGO Movement of the Earth (Whatever that means), is accusing the Canadian authorities of facilitating immigration for Lebanese Christians and contacting over 6000 of them recently in an attempt to “empty” Lebanon from its Christians.

The worst part is that Douaihy shared his concerns with Patriarch Rai, then Rai decided to denounce during Sunday’s mass embassies, without naming any, that are opening their doors to immigration applicants, without having any proof or official statements on that matter.

In all cases, Canadian authorities denied the news and stated there’s no such thing as a special program for Chistian Immigrants.

Il n’existe aucun programme spécial en place pour les chrétiens au Liban qui veulent immigrer au Canada. […] Les demandes du monde entier sont examinées de façon uniforme et en fonction des mêmes critères.
Béatrice Fénelon, porte-parole d’IRCC

Someone should tell Douaihy to stop spreading fake news and making life harder for Lebanese wishing to immigrate.