World Cup Teams Flags Banned in Beirut

Update: A Beirut street defying Chbib's decision. Beirut Governor has issued a statement today banning Beirut residents from raising non-Lebanese flags during the World Cup, as it is against the law. The only flag that we're allowed to raise is the Lebanese one apparently. This must be the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long while. It's the World Cup and we're cheering for teams that are actually competing in it. What's the point…

Beirut’s Airport and the Never-Ending Parking Problem

A video was circulating yesterday online of a woman yelling at a cop after he fined her for parking illegally at the airport. She was yelling in English for some reason and her argument was that "This is Lebanon" and that there are other cars around, which doesn't justify parking wrongly of course but the question remains whether the cop was being selective as they always are. In fact, if parking in front of the…

#Elections2018: Clowns Running For Parliament

7 months ago
The people behind Clown Me In, which is basically a group of clowns bringing joy to people and spreading laughter and love, went down to the beach and took the streets afterwards to show people ...

When an Egyptian Talk Show Host Sums Up Lebanese Politics in 5 Minutes

8 months ago
Check out this take by “Joe Show“, a weekly TV satirical comedy show, that tackles the new Lebanese electoral law, the political inheritance, the hypocrisy of some politicians, the incompetence of others and of course ...

Two Ads that Don’t Make Any Sense

8 months ago
I stumbled upon Poule D’or ad a couple of weeks ago and while I was at Horeca, I looked up a new nuts place called Klatchi online and went through his ads, and to be ...

What does “Awbesh” Means?

8 months ago
Lebanese politicians don’t need an occasion to resort to name-calling and derogatory terms and ever since the electoral campaigns have begun, they’ve been outdoing themselves. The funny part is that this new electoral law is ...

Interior Ministry Explaining New Electoral Law With IceCream

8 months ago
It took me a second to figure out why the Ministry is selling ice-cream and I really thought it was a joke at first but it turned out to be a campaign to explain the ...

A First: A Stand-up Comedy for The Deaf by Lebanese Comedian Wissam Kamal

8 months ago
Back in 2010, Lebanese stand-up comedian Wissam Kamal was performing at Al-Kafaat when he noticed one of the students was laughing at his jokes even though she was deaf. He learned later that she was ...

Fancy Fruits Shop Owner Tries to Justify LL200,000 “Janerik”

8 months ago
The owner of the shop selling “Janerik” (greengage) for 200,000LL per kilo showed up on LBCI a couple of days ago and claimed that it cost him almost $100 per kilo to get the fruit ...

Myriam Klink Not Eligible to Run For the 2018 Elections

9 months ago
Klink was planning to run for office in the upcoming May elections but as it turns out, her candidature was rejected as she was deemed not eligible to run. The reason for that is that ...