El Hawa Saratan

According to a 2011 study, 93% of Beirut's population and a big majority of areas outside Beirut are exposed to high levels of air pollution largely caused by diesel generators. Add to that the increasing air pollution from garbage mountains, and the soon-to-come incinerators, and you have skyrocketing rates of cancer patients. In a 2018 statement by the Ministry of Health, it was reported that the rate of cancer patients in Lebanon has increased by…

Beirut Airport to Get Decent Internet (Third time’s a Charm?)

Ever since I started blogging here, I hear about Beirut's airport finally getting some decent internet and it still did not happen. In fact, we had at least weird looking internet machines few years back, now I don't even think there's a WIFI channel to connect to but all this is going to change soon, as promised by Ogero head Imad Kreidieh. "El internet ray yisseer Tiyyara". I'm surprised no one used this pun yet…

Beirut has a Surplus of Road Signs

1 year ago
These pictures were shared by MP Paula Yacoubian and Karen Nassar. Similar road signs being placed right next to each other, while others that don’t make any sense being put randomly left and right. Let’s ...
Animals & Wildlife

Tachtouch the Monkey Returns to #Lebanon

1 year ago
After almost a two-week chase, the monkey that escaped from a farm South of Lebanon into Israel was finally captured and sent back to Nun BĂ©atrice Mauger via the UN. The vervet monkey, named Tachtouch, ...

Everything That’s Wrong About Driving in Lebanon in One Video

1 year ago
Going the wrong way, even on a highway, crossing a red light, cutting off other cars, speeding, tailgating, dangerous driving, speeding maneuvers, highway drop off and every possible traffic violation you could think of in ...

Mariam Nour Denies UFO Landing in #Lebanon

1 year ago
A YouTube channel called “Alien Planet” shared a video claiming there was a UFO spotted landing somewhere in Lebanon. The video is one of the worst CGIs I’ve seen and the background music is just ...

Banners in #Beirut In Support of Jon Snow

1 year ago
Lebanese GOT fans are anxiously preparing for Season 8’s premiere and some are even placing banners in support of Jon Snow’s quest against the White Walkers. Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season is set ...

Someone Should Update Alanis Morisette’s “Ironic” for #Lebanon’s Never Ending Struggles

1 year ago
Every now and then, we hear about an updated “Ironic” song to suit today’s problems. The latest was released a month ago and sung by Alanis Morissette and James Corden. I was thinking someone should ...

Connect Lebanon Latest Mind-Boggling Ads

1 year ago
“Find something else to keep you busy”. “Get Internet”. Connect is trying to promote internet like they first did when TVs were invented, but if they’re targeting big families living in distant villages with no ...

No Love Between Minister Chidiac & Minister Fneish

1 year ago
There were some tense moments in the past few days in the parliament where MPs were debating the new government’s Policy Statement. Jamil al-Sayyed engaged in a verbal dispute with Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, ...