Following the lockdown imposed in Lebanon and around the world, victims of domestic violence are experiencing a greater threat as many are confined to their homes with their abusers. The Lebanese officials have reported an increase of 100% on hotline calls in March only in relation to violence against women at home!!

This is why ABAAD is launching a campaign on Thursday April 16th at 6PM aimed at reminding victims of domestic violence that support platforms and safe shelters are still functioning normally. To do so, they want people to share the Helpline number 81788178 on their balconies in anyway they see it fit.

Whether you write it down on a sheet, on a huge cardboard or even project it on a building, the aim is to share the hotline and make it visible for everyone around you to see it. Being in lockdown doesn’t mean you should be locked up, and it sure doesn’t need no one can help.

Help save lives. Share the hotline!